Thursday, March 24, 2011


My 1st 3 days at the office I didn't leave the office. I got set up on the systems and listened and observed a lot. However, today was different.

One of my colleagues mans the model home/sales office at a new construction development nearby on Thursdays. However, today he needed to leave for an hour or so to show a property to a client so he asked me to come with him to the sales office. He showed me around the 3 models, then showed me the brochures to give out to the public. He gave me the 'schedule A' which details the prices for all the options a homeowner can choose from.

And with that, he left for his appointment and I was manning the sales office.

I read through the sales brochure to learn all the standard features of the models, then practiced pricing out the options found in the model so I could give a potential buyer and idea of how much a home just like the model would cost. Afterward I used the computer to access my mail and check in on Facebook.

Finally, I heard the door open and I hoped it was my 1st potential client walking in. However, it was just my colleague returning from his showing.

It was fun to learn something new, and now I feel like I could fill in for him again anytime.


Ron said...

Wow! Won't be long now until you leave the nest. Everything is happening so fast.

D said...

I like that you're not afraid to try all aspects... as the market changes, you need to be able to change with it. There's some money to be made in rentals as well, if your broker handles any property management. I think you'll do just fine.