Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend highlights

Fortunately our trip home from Portland was uneventful. No flight delays and no noisy infants.

On Sun we unpacked our luggage, did some laundry, and then went to beach. It was a GORGEOUS day and we saw almost everyone we knew there!

While at the gas station, the Jersey Boys (our part-time neighbors who live full-time in NJ) Paul & Chris pulled up to the pump next to me and invited us to their place for martinis. I gladly accepted, and after pumping my gas and running a few errands I returned home to wake up Spouse from his nap. We didn't know the Jersey Boys very well, as we'd just met them and chatted with them on the street a few times. They couldn't have been nicer or sweeter! The 4 of us walked to Second St and had dinner at Agave. Our unexpected cocktails and dinner with the Jersey Boys was absolutely delightful.

Unfortunately, our cat Pouncer was feeling anything BUT delightful. When we returned from our trip we found him wheezing like a human with bronchitis. The poor thing appeared to be laboring for each breath. Our neighbor Claudia had been coming over to feed him and reported to us on Sun that Pouncer hadn't eaten in a week! So I took him to the vet 1st thing this morning (without an appointment so they charged me an extra $35. emergency fee) where he received an exam and blood work-up. The blood test showed all levels to be normal, and the exam indicated his chest was clear. The vet said he was very dehydrated and that his soft palette was enlarged. She suspected he was suffering from inflamed sinuses due to either a seasonal allergy or a tumor. She gave him an injection of fluid containing electrolytes for the dehydration, a steroid injection and an antibiotic injection. She instructed me to call her tomorrow if he did not improve. Happily, when we returned from the vet he ate some food, which was a good sign.

Since I wasn't here to take photos of the progress on the addition, I will simply list what I could see had been worked on: the cracked sidewalk leading to the front door was removed and a new sidewalk was poured; the driveway in front of the garage was poured; the garage door and opener were installed; the scallop siding was installed on the side peak of the garage; cement board was laid on the bathroom floor; the old water heater was removed and the Rinnai tankless water heater was installed.

Crush du Jour: Marco Majewski


Rick said...

Man you have got a lot of energy to travel in the midst of remodeling. Sounds like a great trip and glad you returned home safely.
Your home is looking great. I can't wait to see it all foofy.

Larry Ohio said...

I'm glad your trip was so successful. Hitting the beach sounds great too!

behrmark said...

Happy to hear Pouncer is doing better. What is it about cats who decide to not eat while we're gone? Is it punishment for abandoning them? Anyhoo, glad he's making a recovery. Behr Hugs!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Just found your blog...love the name of it...sounds like you had a fun weekend!!

cb said...

Hopefully Pouncer is doing better!!

Mistress Maddie said...

Well, I'm glad your back, and it sounds like it was a lovely trip! I loved to read the day by day take while in Portland. And I know the feeling of all the dirty ditties upon returning home! I hate doing laundry!