Thursday, September 10, 2009

Travel plans

Work has been crazy busy this week! Again I was covering for a colleague who was out of the office for 2 days. Plus I am trying to wrap things up with my clients in preparation for my being out all next week.

We leave on Sat for Portland, OR where we will be visiting our dear friends The Newlyweds. Also while we're there we will meet up with fellow blogger Stephen and his partner who also live in Portland.
We are also planning an over-nighter in Seattle, WA so we hope to meet up with fellow blogger Errol while we're there.

Hurray for blogger buddies!

This will be our 1st flight since 2005 and I am NOT looking forward to it. Ever since 9/11/01 airport employees just seem to be looking for ways to ruin your trip. Required removal of your shoes and belt, emptying your pockets, and throwing away your cologne and toiletries if they exceed the minuscule amount allowed. The airlines suggest you arrive 37 hours in advance in order to NOT have your seat given up, and then when you do get on the plane, your seat is narrow and cramped.

As you can see, I do not care for airports and airlines. But I don't want to spend 10 days driving to and from Portland, so I have no options. Instead I'll think positive, happy thoughts and hope for the best.

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Anonymous said...

Last time we flew was from here in Providence to Norfolk, VA at the end of 2007.

The flight down wasn't bad. We got in about a half hour late.

But coming home was a disaster all out of proportion.

We left North Carolina in enough time to get to the airport well ahead of time. Our flight was supposed to get us back to Providence at 6PM but going to Norfolk it was raining and I said to Keyron "There's no way we're getting home by 6PM, more like 6AM the next day."

I hate when I'm right. It is just that when you have a fair amount of flight experience, you learn to spot the patterns.

Sure enough, we get to Norfolk and our flight out of there is delayed for weather issues. Did chat with a a German gentleman who worked at Brown University when I did.

We both lamented the lack of decent rail transport in the U.S.

Anyhow our flight leaves Norfolk just late enough to miss our connector at Dulles.

When we get to Dulles I see the agent and ask about the next flight to Providence. Sometime the NEXT day. I then asked if she could get us on a Boston bound flight, because if it got in by 9PM or 10PM we could hop on the commuter rail back to Providence.

Sure enough, a 6PM Boston bound flight to arrive in Boston a little before 9PM. The agent had to re-route us through Manchester airport in the system but we got boarding passes for the Boston flight.

6PM rolls by, we're not on the aircraft yet. Around 7:30PM they announce that any moment now they'll have the APU they need for the 737.

8PM, 9PM, 10PM, we're taking off any minute now. Meanwhile we're screwed, we're spending the night in Boston at this rate.

The flight didn't leave Dulles until almost 1AM. We pulled into Boston at 2:30AM.

Get the luggage claim, no luggage. Go to the agent, at this point Keyron has had quite enough and he's pissed. Me, I play the cool customer.

I knew what happened, the luggage went to Manchester, NH. They'd courier it out to me next day. That was fine.

Next step was WTF do we do now. Luckily a friend lives in Mansfield. She came and got us at Logan and brought us back to Providence.

The following year we drove down. Even with the traffic it was less stressful than flying.

A Lewis said...

I am in shock! Shock, i say.....that you have not mentioned me in your Portland lineup. If I didn't have such thick skin and did not take things personally, I'd be upset.....hope you enjoy one of the world's greatest cities!

Bob said...

Portland is gorgeous.
Get to the Japanese Gardens if you can. They are almost as nice as the one in Golden Gate Park.
Have fun!

Larry Ohio said...

Awww, I'm very envious. Hope you guys have a great time out west.

Mistress Maddie said...

Girl, I think Stephen would be a very intresting person to meet. I just love his blog! And worry not about the air travel. I fly alot with my job and also on recent vacations, and to tell you the truth, things could not have run more smoothly. My opinion is things seem better run since 9/11. Of course, the Boy-Toy and I arrive like 3 hours early to settle and then hit a wine bar!

Jeff said...

Sounds like a fun time (minus the airport hassles!). Here's to a terrific trip!