Thursday, September 24, 2009

GPS fun

While on vacation in Portland we used a GPS to help us find our way around. The Newlyweds use it frequently to locate places since they are still getting used to their new area.

Their GPS comes with a few voice/accent choices, such as 'British male', 'British female', 'Australian male', 'Australian female'. A funny conversation occurred regarding our desire for different accents and dialects.

Wouldn't it be funny to have a Paula Deen-like 'Southern female' option? She could give directions like this:

"Hey y'all! In 2.5 miles, turn riiight onto Buttahmilk Driiive, you know, next to the big whiiite dairy faaarm where all them cows are at."

Or, wouldn't it be fun to have a 'Ghetto female' option? She could give directions like this:

"Um, okay... (smacks her chewing gum) look here. Innabouta mile or two, you know, give or take, you gone wanna slide yo ride leff ontah Taylor Skreek, you know, nexta dat off-da-hook beauty shop wheres I git my her did."

I know! FUN, right?

Then we thought about some celebrity voices that might be fun on a GPS. How about Mr. T:

"I pitty da fool who don't turn right on Fouth Avenue!!"

Or, maybe Alex Borstein as Ms. Swan from Saturday Night Live:

"Uh-yeah, okey. I tell you how to get der. I tell you evrytin. You gonna turn. Maybe leff, maybe riii, I not sure but I know you gonna turn. Yeah."

Of course the conversation wouldn't be complete without imagining how the 'Gay male' option might sound:

"First, let me tell you how FAAAAbulous you look today! Seriously! Okay, in 1.375 miles you're going to want to lean that Lexxus to the left onto Lavendar Lane. I love that neighborhood, don't you? Then a block later, roll to the right onto Riviera Road and you're there! Wasn't that easy? I knew we'd get there, Girl."

Well, we didn't have to imagine for long. One of the Newlyweds sent me a link to a page where you can download different GPS voices and sure enough, Gay Andrew is there! Click for a sample of Andrew.

You KNOW you want that one.

There's no need to muddle through life with the basic, default GPS voices. Download some FUN ones today!

Crush du Jour: Tyler Sarry

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tornwordo said...

That gay gps is cool. If I had one, I'd get Andrew.