Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

This week has been really busy for me at work, which explains the lateness of my posts and why I am so far behind in reading my favorite blogs. I have been filling in this week for one of my colleagues who is on vacation, so I haven't been able to sneak in and read many blogs during the workday.

Ben & Jerry's renamed its Chubby Hubby ice cream (my all-time favorite) to Hubby Hubby in honor of Vermont's recent implementation of same-sex marriage.Hurray for Ben & Jerry's!! Click here to read more about it.

My friend Jared who always supplies me with funny stuff sent me this, which made me laugh. Frankly, I think its awfully optimistic.

My friend Clark posted this hilarious video on his Facebook page and I cracked up! Death panels, Bigfoot and unicorns, indeed!!

Spouse's Uncle Bill passed away last Sun, so Spouse & I drove to Philadelphia Wed evening for the viewing. The funeral was on Thurs but I could not be away from work all day for it. Uncle Bill was 77 and a paraplegic who almost never left the house. He'd been ill for years so his passing was not unexpected. Spouse was not particularly close to him, but we decided to go to the viewing because several of Spouse's cousins were coming from FL and AL. We went since it was just a 2 hour drive for us, and because it is just considered 'the thing to do' when someone in his big Italian family dies. It was nice. There were no emotional breakdowns. It was more like a family reunion.

My friend Bob sent me this photo with the following caption: "An internet friend sent me this great shot of the US Capitol building. Isn't it beautiful with the snow on the ground?"My response was "Yes, the white is blinding!"

Our friends Bugs & Roger are coming tonight to spend the 3-day holiday weekend with us. Of course our house is a mess, with the construction workers in and out, but Bugs & Rog are like family so we will tidy up as much as we can before they arrive, and then forget about the dust. We always have a terrific time with them. They will accompany us to Thad's birthday party on Sat, too.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

Crush du Jour: James Getzlaff


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Ben & Jerrys: I love it when companies have the guts to stand up and support GLBT rights! Kudos!

The Work Calendar: I just may have to copy that for a future blog post of my own. (If you don't mind).

The Capital photo: Damn. Is that real or a photoshop job? Either way, it's damned funny!

Larry Ohio said...

Tell your friend Bugs he has the coolest name ever.

As for that inspiring view of the Capitol building, I know being in Washington is exciting and all, but man! He's got a lazy lob! Look at the shadow that bad boy cast! I hope that guy is still there on Oct. 11!!

Larry Ohio said...

Oh, the crush de jour... I recognized James from Boy Meets Boy. Greg and I watched that whole season and were so disappointed and heartbroken at the end. If somehow I ever cross paths with James I'm going to hug him and hug him and never let go. The producers of Boy Meets Boy should burn in hell.

Java said...

Love the capitol photo. How patriotic of you to post it.

cb said...

Who wears white tights like that???

Oh, guys with big ones.

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ ben & jerry's!

hmmmm...tighty whitey...n-i-c-e! would fit in on "idol eyes undie monday"!

tornwordo said...

That is one lovely photo of the capitol. Thanks for the chuckle.

Angel said...

ya, the guy with the Big One...niiiiiice.