Saturday, September 19, 2009

Portland - day 5

Thurs morning we had a light breakfast, then headed west to the coast. We stopped in Cannon Beach where we walked on the beach for quite a while, then had lunch at Mo's. I had a dungeoness crab grilled cheese and clam chowder. The entire back wall of Mo's is windows looking out onto the gorgeous ocean.

Then we drove through the seaside towns of Manzanita, Nahalem, Rockaway Beach, Giribaldi, Bay City, and Tillamook. In Tillamook we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we got delicious ice cream to sustain us for the drive back to Portland.

Once at home we planned a special evening in honor the Newlywed's 4th wedding anniversary. We took them to a restaurant called Ciao Vita, recommended by fellow blogger Kevin. Our table was romantic and dimly lit by a crystal chandelier dripping with prisms and crystal beads; just what we wanted. Our food was delicious and our waiter was attentive but not overly so.

Then it was onto the Eagle for drinks. As we walked in the door we were immediately stunned by seeing several naked men. Lucky for us, it was 'Naked Pool' night. Ever notice how the guys you don't want to see naked are the ones who want to do it?

Then we stopped at an ATM and while Jamie & I withdrew some cash, Michael spotted a giant zucchini at the edge of the parking lot. It was huge! Being the thrifty boys they are, they kept it and vowed to make a huge zucchini bread with it. (I recommended they double-check it for bugs first.)

With cash in hand we headed over to Silverado (NSFW) where we met up with Michael & Jamie's friends Bob, Dean, and Dan. They were sweet guys and we had fun oogling the dancers. It was an unusual but fun night!

Crush du Jour: Dru Bruin


behrmark said...

Crush du Jour Dru Bruin is breathtakingly spectacular. I'm feeling faint just looking at him. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! I wish I was there with you!

Peter Maria said...

Your trip down the coast just makes my heart ACHE to be back there! Glad you're having fun.