Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

My friend Tony sent me a link to AllMyFaves and I think its pretty cool! There are icons for all (many) of the websites people visit each day. But even more cool is the fact that it logs you in automatically when you click on the icon for a site that requires a login. In other words, click on the Facebook icon and it opens Facebook in a new browser and logs you in. Very cool.

Our cat Pouncer appeared to be improving, ever-so-slowly after his vet visit on Mon. He resumed eating on Mon, and is also walking around the house a little bit now, too. Mostly he just sits and sleeps.
His breathing still sounds terribly raspy so I called the vet on Wed to give her an update. She said the next step would be to sedate Pouncer and use a tiny camera to see if there is some blockage behind his soft palette. She said it is "not an easy procedure" (and likely not an inexpensive one either) so she recommended we wait until Fri to see if the antibiotics were helping. Pouncer stopped eating again on Thurs so we are trying to get him in today for the procedure. Please send positive, healing energies!

After purchasing Big Ella last fall I joined the Straight Eights chapter of Lambda Car Club International, the gay and lesbian car enthusiasts club. Each year Straight Eights has a big car show in late Sept here at the beach called Beach Ball. I've posted photos from past years' car shows, but am really excited to be showing Big Ella this year! Last night Spouse & I went to the social and met some really great gay car guys. Today I'll be going to a small pre-show, and then the big show is on Sat. I ordered and had installed a missing piece of chrome trim, and Big Ella received a wash-n-wax on Wed. She's ready to go!Spouse & I will be wearing our special t-shirts that I designed (from the photo above), and I will take lots of photos and post them next week.

This is a friendly reminder to everyone to PLEASE try and make it to the National Equality March on Oct 11. Equal rights for African Americans were not won with a single march, and equal rights for GLBT people won't be won with a single march either. But we have to show up, be counted, and be heard or we'll never be treated equally.

Joy Behar wrote a brilliant and poignant article about Elton John & David Furnish's attempt to adopt an orphaned HIV+ boy. I couldn't agree with her more! In my opinion, anyone willing and qualified to adopt an orphaned HIV+ child should be allowed to do so without regard for their age, race, or sexual orientation. Its not like there's a line of willing parents waiting outside the orphanage door. I'm just sayin'.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Crush du Jour: Dick Wolf


Larry Ohio said...

I went to that AllMyFaves site and saw all those icons and nearly had a seizure. Yikes.

I got friends coming in from Oakland, Cal. to go to the March. That's pretty cool. Most other folks going are within driving distance of DC. We live 490 miles from DC, so it's a long haul for us, but we are looking forward to seeing the fall foliage. Hope it's sunny!

behrmark said...

Winston (my cat) and I are thinking positive and healing thoughts for Pouncer. And for you and Spouse as well. BEHR HUGS!!

Unknown said...

I, too, am sending out warm thoughts to Pouncer, you and spouse. Hope all goes well!

And today's crush... Woof!

Mistress Maddie said...

Have a wonderful time. I betting you will be in heaven. I thought of you last week as they had the Buckingham Antique car show here last week. We saw many cars like Big Ella rolling in for the show.

anne marie in philly said...

my steven and meredith are sending their purrs for pouncer's quick recovery!

big ella R-O-C-K-S! what a gorgeous car! hope you win something!

Java said...

I hope Pouncer had a successful adventure at the vet today.

Good luck and have fun tomorrow at the car show! Big Ella is beautiful.

tornwordo said...

I hope the kitty is doing okay. All my Faves has been a longtime bookmark of mine. Have fun at the car show!

Jeff said...

Sending lots of positive vibes Pouncer's way! Here's to a speedy and full recovery!

And Big Ella is definitely a beaute!

Rick said...

Good luck with Big Ella. I love her so. I forgot to tell you I ordered some items from the place you mentioned you got your Tshirts. They were pretty cool. Thanks for that heads up!

Angel said...

oh I pray that Pouncer is ok...and doesn't have to have a difficult procedure done.

and there are SO many kids out there who could benefit from having loving caring parents, regardless of what those parents do in the bedroom.

Big Ella is a BEAUTY!!!!