Thursday, September 17, 2009

Portland - day 3

Day 3 in Portland turned into Free Tuesday!

We met Spirit of St. Lewis and Blair's Corner for breakfast at Petit Provence. We had a delicious breakfast and delightful conversation with them. I had risotto cakes with asparagus and fruit, while Spouse had scrambled eggs and a potato pancake. We had a great time and were very happy our friends were able to meet up with us.

Then we returned to Hawthorn Blvd to visit the vintage shops. So fun! We weren't trying to buy anything, but looking in these vintage shops is like going to a museum for us. It was tres fun!

Next we went to the Chinese Garden downtown. Michael gave us his membership card so we both got in for free! The Chinese Garden was beautiful. Then we walked around downtown a little, but most things around the garden were businesses.

Then we had lunch at the Flying Elephant where Stephen works. Joe had a ham and cheese sandwich and tomato orange soup that was amazing. I had a turkey reuben and spicy Indian lentil soup which deelish. Stephen was so generous and wouldn't allow us to pay for lunch.

We returned home to relax for awhile until the Newlyweds came home. We talked for a while and then decided to go out to dinner. We ended up at Screened Door for some good old fashioned southern food. Spouse had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and greens, while I had catfish, mac-n-cheese and peach salad. We were all too stuffed to even consider dessert. The Newlyweds picked up the check.

We returned home and talked about our plans for the following days, then went to bed.

Free Tuesday was a great day!

Crush du Jour: Claude Simao


Larry Ohio said...

Just how many shades of green are you trying to turn me? I'm running in full-envy mode now. Keep having fun.

The Crush du Jour's chest is FINE.

Kevin said...

sounds like you're having a lovely time. any plans to eat at Ciao Vito? It's on Alberta. Yummy rustic Italian fare!

behrmark said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Looking forward to the pictures and further tales of your trip.

Claude Simao makes me swoon.

Behr Hugs!

anne marie in philly said...

I would like to walk my fingers thru that forest of chest hair!

Peter Maria said...

I'm so jealous! Leaving there was one of the bigger mistakes I've made in my life. Any plans to get to the coast? Astoria is lovely, and just driving down Hwy 101 gives breathtaking views. Be sure to see Haystack Rock if you're a fan of the movie The Goonies.

A Lewis said...

The pleasure was all ours! Hope you're continuing to enjoy your week.....

Stephen said...

Crush du Jour= I feel faint.

Jeff said...

Very glad to hear you guys are having a great trip! :)