Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer in April

I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to the weather forecast, because this weekend's incredibly warm weather caught me by surprise.

Earlier in the week it was rainy and quite cool, only in the 50s. On Fri the sun shined brightly and the temperature warmed up to 60, which is where it normally is in April for this area. I was thankful that the rain had stopped and that I didn't need a jacket to walk the dog on Fri.

But then Sat it got up to 87 degrees, almost a 30 degree difference from the day before, and more than a 30 degree difference from 2 days before.

As if that wasn't shocking enough, on Sun it got up to 94 degrees!

But I ain't complainin'. I'll take 'very warm and sunny' over 'chilly and rainy' anytime.

What an optimal weekend for my cousin Nez and her husband Steve to visit! We walked all over our little historic hamlet and they absolutely loved it. Nez & Steve live in a stone house built in 1793, so they really identified with the historic homes and feeling of our little town.

We also drove them around to several places where they could see, smell, and feel the beach. They are both beach lovers, as Spouse & I are, so we went for a walk and even took off our shoes and got our feet wet. There were hundreds of people in the swimsuits, laying on towels and sitting in beach chairs, enjoying the beautiful weather and catching some rays. We also saw a wedding party taking photos on the beach.

We ate, drank, talked, laughed, and reminisced. It was a lovely weekend, made even more lovely by the unexpectedly warm weather.

Crush du Jour: Gilles Marini


Rick said...

April has been amazingly cool for the most part till last week. Now the heat, humididty, and that daily threat of thunder storms is here.
Glad you had a good time.

Joy said...

Oh yes Gilles!! I so hope he wins DWTS! He is soooooooooo hot!!!