Thursday, April 09, 2009


I've been resisting Facebook for several months. Every now and then I get email invitations to view photos on some friend's Facebook page, but you can't see the photos unless you sign up for an account. I already have a rather large network of email friends and I have a MySpace page, so I figured 'why do I need yet another social networking site'? So for months I just ignored the invitations.

But then my friend Lisa changed everything!

Lisa is my friend from way back. We went all the way from elementary to high school together. We have a history. Spouse & I stayed at her fab pad on our last trip to NYC. I love Lisa!

But a recent email exchange with Lisa revealed that there was a Dominants group on Facebook! Oh... my... god. I simply had to see who might be there.

So I entered just enough information to get the account set up so I could look for fellow Dominants alumni. And there they were! People I haven't seen or communicated with in over 20 years.

Then I found and became a member of the Dominants group and started looking at the photos. Oh... my... god. Sure enough, there were several scanned photos that include yours truly, taken at competitions and other performances. Then I started reading the stories a few had written, such as "most embarrassing on-stage moments" and the time our bus broke down and we all had to quickly change into our costumes in the same room, boys and girls. (How scandalous!) Oh how the memories came flooding back to me! I couldn't believe 2 1/2 hours flew by.

And I swear, the government should use Facebook to find Osama Bin Laden because Facebook can find anybody! Somehow I was prompted to review a list potential 'friends' and found a few people I worked with nearly 20 years ago. Just by entering the name of my high school and graduation year another list of potential 'friends' popped up, with many more old friends. Then I allowed Facebook to access my personal email address book, and bam! Another list of 'friends', including many readers of this blog. If Facebook is correct, I am somehow connected to about 1/3 of the entire US population, and a percentage of Canada.

Then I got cocky and decided to upload some photos of my own for others to enjoy. Big Ella, scans of high school stuff, etc. I got the 1st album uploaded and started getting comments on the photos. But then today, the photos weren't viewable. Instead, the album was filled with small boxes with red x in them.

Not sure what's going on there yet, but I will figure it out. I have to. I'm now addicted to Facebook, thanks to Lisa.

Crush du Jour: Gustavo Mendonca


Anonymous said...

It's my job. I'm your FRIEND.

Unknown said...

Facebook is great! I am addicted and that's probably not a good thing. But it is nice to be able to find blasts from the past.


Joy said...

I'm now in touch with a student from when I first started teaching in SC and many former students through the years. It's really neat! It's also good to see you on there, too! :-)

RAD said...

I love has been so awesome to connect with so many old freinds and fam....thats the best part about it for sure! Its so addciting...Im glad you got on!