Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday fragments

Its been a full week now with no street work. That doesn't mean its done; it just means there's been no work done in a week. There have been several 'visits' by engineers and construction people, with many short conversations and pointing and arm waving, but no actual work. The street is a mixture of sand and soil we are trying desperately not to track into the house.

After more than a bit of coordination, we've confirmed the dates of our next NYC trip: May 28-31. We had such a great time last Oct that we're going back for more. We had such a positive experience last time taking Boltbus we're taking it again. I purchased the tickets yesterday, online of course. Since we didn't have time to see Central Park last time, we're scheduling an entire day for that on this trip. It should be blooming to beat the band by late May. We're also hoping to meet up with some NYC bloggers and friends while we're in town. If any of you are planning to be in NYC during May 28-31, let me know! The famous (or infamous?) DavidDust will be coordinating a night of carousing and debauchery on Sat night. No doubt this will include all the places where the hot Papis hang out! (I wonder if that new Arby's in Brooklyn will be open by then?)

My recent foray into Facebook reminded me of many school-related memories. One such memory was a 'picture day' in 3rd grade. I have a vivid memory of seeing all my classmates dressed up in their photographic finest, and commenting to my teacher how good Jim Brown looked in a suit. I expected my teacher to respond with appropriate agreement, but she didn't. I remember my confusion at my teacher's non-reaction.

We're going to VA today to spend the Easter weekend. Spouse's brother Louis hosts Easter at his house on Sun, but we'll be at Spouse's mom's today and Sat. I'm hoping to work in some visits with some friends while we're in town, too. Please send positive energy to me so I don't over-indulge in all the chocolatey, Easter goodness.

Happy Easter!

Crush du Jour: Haaz Sleiman


David Dust said...

Can't wait to see you guys! I am trying to rally some more troups for our big night out. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Facebook, myspace and the like.

I've told the story of how my myspace page came about. Some bimbo dropped her ID on the street. I found it, googled and the only place I could find her as on myspace. Mailed her license back to her once we did the contact info.

Facebook, I forget why I'm on Facebook, I think it was a co-worker who got me to join up.

It's been interesting. My somewhat estranged sister found me on Facebook, so too did an old classmate from my H.S. days.

Know what I'm finding interesting. My H.S. buds aged horribly. Who's balding, who shriveled up like a prune. Meanwhile I still have a full head of hair, gong gray but full head.

Unknown said...

Well, with the dates in place, I think I might be joining you in an evening of debauchery. WooHoo!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I am so jealous! Ya'll are gonna have so myuch fun!