Monday, April 20, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

I certainly enjoyed a satisfying Saturday.

Spouse & I slept in until about 9, had coffee and talked about our day. We decided to have a late breakfast out, which is sort of unusual for us, but enjoyable none-the-less. After so much crappy weather lately, it was a welcome relief to find the sun shining brilliantly and the temperature significantly warmer. So, down went the convertible top and up went my spirits!

After breakfast we ran a few errands, then came home and did a little housecleaning. Spouse took a nap and I went to the gym for an hour: 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of arms, chest, and abs. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and remember what I used to see and think to myself "Hey, you're getting there!" Other times, like on Sat, I see guys at the gym with nice big arms and pecs that stretch their t-shirts tight and I think about myself "Boy, you've got a long way to go".

Working out has become infinitely more enjoyable since the purchase of my mp3 player. I'm likely the last gay on earth to buy one, but whatever: I'm a late adopter. An hour goes by lickity split when I'm jammin' to Miss Jackson's nasty grooves. (FYI - 'Rhythm Nation' is great for the treadmill.) I also lip-synched along to RuPaul and 80s disco hits. I have to remind myself to only lip-synch and never sing out loud while listening to my mp3 player. Although I have a good singing voice, no one wants to hear a queen singing while pumping iron. Upon returning home I shuffled my music and reloaded the mp3 player for next time, then hit the shower. When I got out of the shower I noticed in the mirror that my face was a little pink from being in the bright sunshine with no sunscreen. I didn't care.

It was so gorgeous I tried to think of any reason to be outside. I took the dog for a walk. I considered pulling some weeds or trimming some of the neglected landscaping but decided against this since I'd just showered. Instead, I took Big Ella out for a little exercise. As usual, I received multiple high-fives, thumbs up, compliments, and questions about Big Ella's birth year. She never fails to make an impression.

Then Spouse & I walked to a local Mexican restaurant to meet up with our buddies Doug & Jim. The restaurant is tiny, with only 6 tables for 4 and 4 tables for 2, so when we arrived at 7:00 Doug told us the wait would be 90 minutes. I thought he was joking, but he confirmed he was not. Normally Spouse & I wouldn't wait even 1/2 that long, but since Doug & Jim invited us to dinner and had picked the place, we just decided to go with it. We sat at the bar and ordered margaritas, which were fabulous, and then ordered chips and salsa and the guacamole sampler, which was also fabulous. The sampler contained 3 varieties of guac: shrimp and garlic, tomato and onion, and goat cheese and pine nuts. Dee-lish! It took every single one of those 90 minutes before our table was ready, but the time flew by since we were eating and drinking and talking with our buddies. We all enjoyed our meals, too.

After 2 large, potent margaritas I was glad we'd walked instead of driven to the restaurant, because I was certainly not fit to drive. Spouse, me, and my tequila buzz watched TV for a little while and then went to bed.

A very satisfying Saturday, indeed.

Crush du Jour: Fred Goudon


Bob said...

As I like to say, Tequila is the Nectar Of The Gods.
I love it!
And it sounds like a lovely day and night.

Mistress Maddie said...

Sounds like you had a full weekend there, but a relaxing one. We too had a pleasant weekend. And I love fred's pecs and nipples in your crush today! VERY HOT! I love a good chest.

Jeff said...

Sounds like a great day indeed!

Anonymous said...

Sound like fun. I've had MP3 players every since the RCA Lyra. Remember those? From the Lyra I started using a little Dell Mini Player, it had 512MB of memory on it which was significantly more than the Lyra.

When the Dell died I bought an 2nd Gen 8GB iPod Nano. When I realized 8GB wasn't enough I bough my current, a 16GB iPod Touch.

One thing, get good headphones or earphones.

That said I'm getting ready to join the Planet Fitness nearby. I discovered that if you allow 2 to 3 days between exercising a muscle group you get much better growth of muscle and the definition starts showing faster.

Thing is, I'm 5'8" and have a large frame, so I bulk out quickly.

I'm trying to remember what I did Saturday, oh yeah, spent a long time on the phone answering stupid user questions about computers.

Getting ready to print up a couple thousand door tags, then I'll pay kids in the area $20 each to go tag every door they can with them.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, the Crush du Jour is hot. I love nipples quarter size and up and he definitely got em'.

Steven said...

Sounds like you had a great day. And I love the positive response to how you training is working out. To help even more, buy a few t-shirts a few sizes too small. Then you'll look really muscular. ;-)