Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The wedding: food

Although Spouse was convinced he could make the food for the reception, I convinced him not to do it.  "We're going to have enough things to do.  We don't need to add making the food and cleaning up afterward to our list.  Let's have the food made elsewhere.  I'm sure you'll thank me for this later" I told him.

So we ordered the food from a favorite lunch spot near Spouse's office simply named Patty's.  I'd never eaten there but Spouse has eaten there many times and was confident our food would be great. 

We had a trio of meatballs: Greek, Italian, and Thai.  Each came with its own dipping sauce.  The Greek meatballs had chunks of feta in them and were delicious alone, but when dipped in the basil sauce they were my favorite.  The Italian meatballs had a marinara sauce, and the Thai meatballs had a green curry sauce.  Incredible!  We also had marinated chicken skewers which again were terrific on their own, but when dipped in the peanut sauce or the chipotle sauce were out of this world!

We also had a quinoa and french lentil salad (left) with diced onion, tomato, and yellow and zucchini squash with a light vinaigrette, and pasta primavera (right).  Both were amazing.

The 1 element of the reception food Spouse did make (or assemble, if you will) was a Mediterranean platter consisting of hummus with olive oil and pistachios, baby carrots, pita triangles (not in photo), garlic stuffed green olives, and kalamata olives.

Then there was the bar, which consisted of Proseco (Italian champagne or sparkling wine), white and red wines, iced tea, regular and diet sodas, and bottled water.

Spouse had recommended Proseco over champagne because its a little sweeter than dry champagne and has an easy drinkability.  I checked this out with 2 liquor store employees and both recommended the same brand of Proseco which turned out to be delicious.  I can't believe there were no photos taken of me with a champagne flute in my hand because I feel like I had a glass of Proseco in my hand the entire night.  

An Italian's worst fear is that they'll run out of something when hosting a party and Spouse is no exception.  But we had more than enough food and drinks for our guests.

Tomorrow:  the cupcakes.


anne marie in philly said...

I'll take one of everything; make my plate TO GO please!

catering in manila said...

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Neva Modzelewski said...

A Proseco drink and finger food, such as a variety of meatballs, would make a scrumptious treat! Anyway, may you have a fruitful marriage over the years! Congratulations! :)