Thursday, May 03, 2012

The wedding: cupcakes

When 1st discussing the details of our reception we thought we wanted a traditional tiered wedding cake.  Not too embellished, not to plain.  It was suggested that we look at photos of cakes to get an idea of what can be done, what we liked, and what we didn't like.  As usual, Spouse's taste went a little too far to the gawdy, and my taste was a little too traditional for him.

Then Spouse suggested decorated cupcakes.  Some could be traditional while others were more decorated.  Maybe we could get different flavors so guests would have a choice, or better yet - have more than 1.  I loved the idea!

So I gave a call to a local bakery called Cake Break and got some options and general pricing.  The owners Phil & Debbie invited us to come into the bakery for a private tasting 1 evening after they closed to the public, so we set it up.  We had lots of bites of different cupcake flavors and different frosting flavors.  Then we talked about set-up and other logistical details.  It was a great experience!
This is what we chose:
  • yellow cake with ivory butter cream frosting, piped to look like hydrangea with tiny edible pale green pearls 
  • devils food cake with chocolate sour cream frosting, topped with white chocolate starfish and tiny edible white pearls
  • carrot cake with swirled cream cheese frosting, topped with milk chocolate seashells
Debbie delivered the cupcakes, set up the tower, and arranged everything in record time.  Spouse offered to help her carry things inside and she quickly said "NO - thank you.  If anything gets dropped its gonna be ME, not you dropping it", which made us both laugh.

On the top of the tower was an 8" chocolate cake topped with a 6" chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, piped to look like hydrangea with tiny pale green pearls.  Not only were all the cupcakes and cake topper absolutely gorgeous, they were absolutely delicious too!! 

Tomorrow:  the music.


Jon DeepBlue said...

Looooooooooooove it! Keep one for me! ;)


anne marie in philly said...

YUMMY YUM! hope you saved the top layer for your anniversary next year!

truthspew said...

The cupcakes and the cakes look pretty damned good.

It looks like you guys had the reception in your home.

Me, I did the big wedding once. I want smaller this time around.

cb said...

Those look suspiciously like Godiva chocolates on top of the cupcakes. WANT

Stan said...

Here's wishing you guys all the best!
Hugs, Stan