Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend highlights

Wow, what a day I had on Sat! It started at 9:00 when I picked up my friend Jon, who was staying at a friend's house nearby. We went to see 4 homes between 9-11:30. He ruled out 2 of them as I expected, and liked the other 2, as I expected. I dropped him off and ran to my next appointment.

Our real estate team doesn't normally have public open houses because in this area we usually get 'curious' visitors instead of potential buyers. However, because it was the Sat before Easter and lots of folks were expected to be in town this weekend, we decided to have 7 properties open to the public from noon-3:00. I arrived at mine with just enough time to put up the 'Open House' signs and start turning on the lights when the 1st couple came in. They were self-identifying "noisy neighbors" who were simply curious about the interior of the house. Of the 8 or 9 couples/groups who stopped in, I did manage to get 1 lead. A couple from PA who has just begun thinking about a 2nd home here at the beach. The wife mentioned her affinity for the 'classic beach cottage' style home so I will email them what's currently for sale that fits that description. When the open house concluded I turned off all the lights, locked up, and took down the signs before heading back to the office to debrief with the others. Then I went home and had a snack (since I'd not eaten lunch), packed an overnight bag, and left to meet Spouse at his mom's house.

Just as I was heading out of town I got a call from the listing agent that 1 of the properties I shown Jon that morning had gotten a contract so I pulled over to call Jon. He said it was just too soon for him and that he wanted to make sure he made a well-thought out decision, not a hasty one. I told him I understood completely, and then called the agent back with the news. When I arrived in VA I had a late dinner with Spouse and his mom, and then Spouse's eldest brother arrived from out of town. We visited a little while but I was exhausted and began nodding off so I went to bed.

Sun we had a leisurely morning at Spouse's mom's house. After a light breakfast (saving our calories for Easter dinner) we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on stuff we can't get back in DE. At 1:00 I picked up my aunt Mary and met the rest of the family at Spouse's other brother's house for Easter. The food was terrific as usual, and we all had a great time. I took my aunt home and then at 7:00 I headed back to DE.

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Mind Of Mine said...

I love going to view other houses, even when I am not looking to move. Open houses aren't the norm here in the UK, but I would all over that shit if there was.