Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First client

Although I've been coming into the office 6 days a week, observing procedures, and accompanying agents on appointments for several weeks now, today it felt like my new career finally started!

The receptionist got a call from someone sitting in front of 1 of our listings and the on-duty agent had stepped out for a few minutes. I took the call and agreed to show the house to them. I discovered they'd just arrived in the area and were driving around looking at communities.

Maria is originally from NYC but has lived in Newport RI for the last 3 years. She retired and is looking to relocate in DE which is known for its very low real estate taxes and no sales tax. She brought her (adult) daughter Valerie with her. This particular home didn't do much for her but almost like a page from a realtor role play booklet, she asked me what other properties were available!

I invited Maria and Valerie to meet me at the office after they had lunch, allowing me time to select some properties and make some showing appointment calls. Maria told me she was open to everything from single-family homes to townhomes to condos, so I picked a few of each within her budget to show her that afternoon.

Although she claimed to be open to all property types, by the process of elimination we discovered she really didn't want a home with stairs, so we ruled out townhomes and condos not on the main floor.

Maria and Valerie will be in town through Fri so we are meeting up again tomorrow to see some additional properties.

It was really fun and exciting to work with them today. It really felt like my new career finally started!

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Neat-o! Oops, I'm showing my age...