Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend highlights

Sat morning Spouse decided to go back to VA to visit with his family for the weekend. Since I had to work on Sat I couldn't go with him. But I had a good day at work. I accompanied another agent on some property showings, which allowed me to see the properties with the client, and allowed me to gain some extra info the agent knew from working in the area for so many years. The day seemed to fly by.

After work I chilled out at home for a couple hours, then got myself together and met my friend Steve for dinner. I just got to know Steve recently; he's a single guy from PA and is very nice. As we talked over dinner I learned that he is a licensed real estate agent! A few years ago when the market got really tough he decided to do something different for a few years so he currently works as a construction consultant at a big hardware store. After dinner we stopped in at several nightspots to check the vibe. Steve & I both sang karaoke songs at 1 place, then moved on. It was a fun night!

Sun I met my friends Thatcher, Ron, and PW for breakfast, then stopped at Walmart to pick up some stuff. On my way home I decided to drive by some homes that my potential clients might like. Once back at home I did some tidying up around the house and washed a couple loads of laundry before Spouse returned home. We caught each other up on our respective weekends, then decided to go out for a casual dinner.

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Stephen said...

Congrats on living in a progressive, forward thinking state!

Best wishes from Portland!