Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last Fri when Mike & Clark and Bugs & Roger were here they decided to take advantage of the tax-free shopping at the outlets. They bought clothes for work and play, shoes, music, and socks and undies. They joked that they might not have enough room in the car to bring home their luggage and their bargain finds, since the 4 of them traveled together in Bugs & Roger's Prius. But by consolidating their bags and ditching the shoe boxes they made it all fit. We had fun shopping, and have a fabulous weekend together!

I've been shopping on eBay for 1959 Cadillacs. I bid on one Sun evening, but the auction reserve price was apparently too high, as the vehicle did not sell by the time the auction ended. I was a bit disappointed, but found several others to watch and possibly bid on. I have some advice for vintage car sellers: No one needs a vintage car. People buy them because they like them and have some money. But when the national economy appears to be on the brink of collapse, people aren't nearly as willing to buy unnecessary items like vintage cars, so you should consider lowering your reserve prices. I'm just sayin'.

Everyone's heard that the Republican party spent $150,000. on designer clothes for VP candidate Sarah Palin and her family. But did you hear where she used to shop? A consignment store called "Out of the Closet"! If that's not irony, I don't know what is!!! There's nothing wrong or shameful about shopping at a consignment store. But considering her position that gays and lesbians shouldn't have equal rights, I find it hilarious that she's been a regular shopper for 3 years at a store called "Out of the Closet". In other words, she supports the concept of "Out of the Closet"!

Crush du Jour: Marios Lekkas


You said...

C U Next Tuesday, Sarah Palin! She better sell those outfits on eBay cause that bitch is gonna need a new job!

RAD said...

LOL! All us outlet shoppers! As I said we need to make a penny scream nowadays... We are doing the same tomorrow...nice crush and thanks for the well wishes!

Christopher said...

I HATE those reserve prices...such a waste of everyone's time!

And, I can totally see you behind the wheel of a vintage Caddy!

Anonymous said...









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