Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday fragments

Wed night a cold front blew into town, and yesterday it really seemed like fall. Not just the cooler temps, but even the smell of the air seemed like fall. Yesterday our high temp was only 63, which seems ironic since it doesn't look like fall at all. It is still very green here in southern Sussex county, DE. Although the imminent arrival of fall means the end of our Sun afternoons spent at the beach, it also means the nearness of many fun and enjoyable things like Halloween, the Rehoboth Beach indy film festival, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Did you know that Oct is GLBT history month? I didn't, until I saw this article. Reading through the efforts made, both big and small, reminded me that lots and lots of people have contributed to the progress that's been made so far for GLBT equality.
Kevin summed up the frustration I sometimes feel about the apparent apathy among many in the GLBT community with this quote on his blog:
"Gay men will wait for two days outside of a record store in the rain to hear Madonna sing a few songs, but can’t be bothered to pay their respects to the people who’s actions 34 years ago allow them to dance together in clubs to her music today."
This is obviously a generalization, but I believe we all get the point. So don't be one of "those" gays. Read
this article, visit this site, remember (or learn) your GLBT history, and consider how you can make a little GLBT history yourself!

Even those of us who don't live in CA are hearing more and more about Proposition 8.

Ellen talked to Jay Leno about Prop 8 and I was encouraged to hear Jay's logical response to the "gay marriage" issue. He echoed what Barney Frank and others have been saying for years: how does gay people getting married pose any 'threat' or have any effect on my marriage? Good for Jay!

I know I imposed a moratorium on presidential politics on this blog until after the election, but I just have to share this: Biden and Palin clarify their stands on gay marriage. Did you see this last night? Just in case you're not as sick as me over this, I will remove the semantics and rhetoric for you: NEITHER OF THE PRESIDENTIAL OR VP CANDIDATES SUPPORTS FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY. Its high time we write some letters, send some emails, and make some calls to ALL of our elected officials, boys and girls.

I'm super-excited that tomorrow Spouse & I are going to the
Fall Auto Auction and Sale in Carlisle, PA (hometown of DavidDust). We went to the Spring event in April, and despite the traffic, road work, and problem with the directions, we had a really good time. I am a huge Cadillac fan, and am hoping to find something like this:

Or this:
I'm also super-excited about our upcoming trip to NYC next week! On Thurs the 9th we're driving 2 hours to the train station in Wilmington, then taking the train another 2 hours to arrive at Penn Station. We're returning home on Sun the 12th.

What will we be doing in NYC? I'm glad you asked! Our tentative agenda includes seeing "Gypsy" and "Wicked", visiting Central Park, taking one of those Gray Line sightseeing bus tours, a NYC blogger 'meet-n-greet', and plenty of unaccounted for time for exploring. Spouse & I prefer not to have a schedule, because schedules often make a trip feel too regimented for us. We prefer a loose agenda that allows for taking advantage of the unexpected. It should be a blast!

Crush du Jour: Zachary Levi


David Dust said...

Say "hello" to Carlisle for me!


Anonymous said...

The option in equality is that NO ONE gets married. NO ONE gets a tax break for breeding more children that we don't have the resources to support. NO ONE gets benefits because it's every worm for himself in this world and I'm sorry your children don't get health care until they're in the workforce and slaving like the rest of us.

David Dust said...

P.S. - I sent you an email - pls. read before you head up to PA.


cb said...

I guess I'm one of "those" gays. However, I wouldn't be caught dead waiting outside 2 days for ANY concert tickets. I don't care WHO was performing.

Truthspew said...

Yes I knew October was another of our months. I also consider June to be ours too since that's the big gay pride kickoff month.

But hasn't October 11th been national coming out day for like, forever?

BTW, it appears Googles link to OpenID on Wordpress is broken.

Mistress Maddie said...

Carlisle is very beautiful although I'm from Harrisburg,which is 20 minues from Carlisle, My good freinds Rob and Charlie go tp that car show every year. Rob used to have a vintage car,but I think he may have sold the car since. Enjoy your weekend!

Kevin said...

Thanks for the shout out. Gotta say that I found that quote about Madonna in the rain thing...not sure who said it, but it's appropriate nonetheless.

tornwordo said...

You'll love Wicked. And autumn in New York sounds divine.

Rick said...

I love the Caddy's too. I have 4 hubcaps from my grandmothers '62 that I want to use in some way other than just hang on the wall. Have fun and post some pics.