Friday, October 10, 2008

Religion and gays

Hi. Its Fri and Spouse & I are cavorting all over NYC right now. But not wanting to disappoint you, I created this post in advance for your edification and pleasure.

Whether or not you are 'religious', check out these articles to see where religion and gays are/are not mixing.

Mormon Says Church threatens excommunication for supporting gay marriage

Presbyterian pastor who performed gay wedding cleared of charges

Church removes lector after gay memoir

Pa. Episcopal diocese OKs split over gays

And speaking of religion, doesn't today's Crush make you want to exclaim "Oh God!"

Crush du Jour: Leighton Stultz


Anonymous said...

The Mormon Church: Standard bearers of moral righteousness.

On a side note: I'd like to thank Leighton for that little peek behind the button fly...

Bugsy said...

Hope you all are enjoying your NYC Trip!

Jesse Archer said...

The mormons just feel that if they can't have polygamy, we shouldn't have gay marriage.

Plus, when you don't eat chocolate or caffeine you get really really cranky.

Great meeting (and singing) with you this weekend!!!!