Monday, October 20, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

I guess I shouldn't have sounded so smug last Thurs while talking about our temperatures in the 80s and it not feeling or looking like fall. Thurs high temp was 87.

Fri the temperature dropped about 30 degrees overnight and it became windy. Sat & Sun were more of the same. I put on jeans (long pants) for the 1st time in many months.

We still had our block party, but everyone had on coats. When the sun went down everyone huddled around the fire cages to keep warm. The block party ended much earlier this year than last, due to the cold and wind.

I made sweet potato shuffle and everyone loved it. I'll have to email the recipe to most of the neighbors. Many of them made tasty dishes too. It was fun to eat and socialize with our great neighbors.

This morning at 10am ET it was only 44 degrees. The forecast for this week shows high temps of only 55-60 degrees. It certainly feels like fall now! I'm resisting turning on the heat in the house, hoping that today's bright sunshine will help warm it up a bit. The thermostat on the main floor indicates its 65 degrees inside. I'm occasionally rubbing my hands together to warm them up.

Maybe this sudden cold snap will cause the leaves to finally change color. Pretty much everything is still green here, although I'm noticing that a certain type of tree (don't know which ones) are loosing their small, petal-shaped leaves all over our yard. But these appear to be the only trees that have lost their leaves so far.

So I guess the adage "Be careful what you wish for" still holds true.

Crush du Jour: Michael Fitt


cb said...

I think this is the best "crush du jour" you've had in awhile! WOOF!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little come-uppance. I'm so used to it, myself.

And yes. Crush is delicious.

tornwordo said...

I am looking at snow flurries right now out my window. I blame you of course ; )