Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scared in CA

I know its fun to read blogs with clever stories and photos of hot, sexy men. Trust me, I do it too.
But today I implore you to click on the following 2 links and take a minute or 2 to read these important articles. They're about civil rights, not special rights. They're about YOUR rights and MY rights. We can't afford NOT to take action.

"If the election (on Prop 8 in CA) were held tomorrow, it’s quite likely that gays would lose marriage in California. California, our most populous state, home of San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Hollywood elite. What progressive California giveth, progressive California may taketh away."

"Initiatives had once been the tool of progressives seeking to counter the money-influence in legislative chambers — the idea was to defeat the special interest groups by the power of the people. Initiatives increasingly seem the tool of conservatives seeking to roll-back, deny or withhold rights."

This is why the issue of RIGHTS should never be put to a populace vote. The majority will usually vote to keep the minority without equal rights. If the issue of civil rights for African Americans were put to a populace vote, its likely many states would still not provide civil rights for African Americans. That's why the COURTS are there: to keep the majority from victimizing the minority. And that's why equal protection under the law for GLBT people must be a federal mandate that covers citizens in all states and supersedes state constitutions that ban equal rights for GLBT people.

These are MY rights and YOUR rights that are being fought over. Please join the fight. Please contact your representatives and express yourself.

Crush du Jour: Brett Van Zant


RAD said...

fight fight fight...I hear ya! Nice crush-he has a really nice bod...lick..lick...lick....

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of fear running around SF right now. Activists are moving furiously.

Mistress Maddie said...

Mark-very nice post! And not a bad Crush either!

Mechadude2001 said...

You are 100% on point. This is where the Legislative Branch, as well as Executive should step in declare certain unalienable rights. Yet, here we are "campaigning" to be treated as equals. Being a black man, I've always seen the correlation between the treatment of Gay & Black people. But you surmised it perfectly, in a way I never even thought of.