Monday, October 06, 2008

Change of plan

As I mentioned on Fri, Spouse & I are pretty excited about our upcoming trip to NYC. In addition to seeing lots of sights, Broadway shows, and NYC bloggers, we'll be staying with my childhood-to-adult friend, Lisa. Her family lived a few streets over from mine, and we went through elementary, junior high, and high school together. Lisa and I were always friends throughout school, and have maintained our friendship since. Last Christmas she & Spouse finally met and both liked each other a lot, which makes me happy.

So Spouse & I were all set to take the train, Amtrak, to NYC. I really don't mind driving, but you never know if you'll be able to find a place to park your car without paying an arm and a leg, or if you'll have to get up and move it to the opposite side of the street or something. You don't need a car in NYC, so we figured we'd take the train. We took it to NYC 4 years ago to get on a cruise ship that departed from NYC, and it was so nice and easy. Of course, that's when we lived 15 minutes from the DC train station. Now we are about 90 minutes from the closest train station. Still, the train beats flying and driving/parking.

But then, last Fri a friend told me about BoltBus. I'd never heard of it, but found from their website that they make multiple trips daily between DC, Philly, NYC, and Boston, and are extremely affordable.
To catch the train we'd have to drive 90 minutes to Wilmington and then ride the rails to NYC, for about $90. each round trip. On BoltBus, we'll have to drive about 90 minutes to Philly and then ride in the roomy bus (with electrical outlets and wifi internet for your portable DVD player and laptop) for about $15. each round trip. And it takes just about the same amount of time to get there, and drops you off at practically the same location as the train.

Needless to say, being the extreme bargain hunters we are, Spouse & I were quite pleased with this and have made a change in plan to take BoltBus. And speaking of bargains, we opted not to buy full price for our theatre tickets by purchasing them in advance. Instead we will visit TKTS the day of and get 1/2 price tickets to the shows we want to see, since they've both been out for a while. If we can't get them, we'll get tickets to see something else. I mean, hey! Its Broadway, right? Every show is good.

Crush du Jour: Nigel Paschini


cb said...

Have a most excellent time in NYC! I'm jealous that you are getting to see some Broadway!

A Lewis said...

They both sound like a lot of fun..but I'm with you, I'd try the BOLT (plus I like the name).

Mistress Maddie said...

Thanks for the post. We too will have to take Blotbus from now on. When we go to see David,we always take first class Amtrack. This will save more money now to shop,dine,and drink and maybe even a dollar or two for a go-go boy's g-string!!! And I swear Nigel is beckoning me over to him...nice!

David Dust said...

My friend has taken BoltBus before and said it was fabulous - excellent choice.

Can't wait to see you!!


Java said...

Today's Crush: YUM!!

When I was visiting in Baltimore and wanted to see my buddy in NYC I took a bus (don't know if it was the Bolt). Much cheaper and actually faster than the train. I agree with you, though, don't take a car into the city if you can avoid it. Everyone will be glad you didn't.

Jeff said...

Hope you fellas have a super time in The City! Especially at the West Village Leather Fest on Sunday!! ;-)