Monday, March 17, 2008


Sat was a beautiful day! It was bright, sunny, and warm; in the 70s. Spouse & I had no specific plans for the day so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

First we took Jordan for a walk around the neighborhood, then we dropped her off at the house and we continued walking. We walked across the canal bridge and down the road to the bay. We saw lots of other people walking, some wearing shorts, some walking dogs, all enjoying this taste of spring.
We sat on a bench and looked out at the water and passing ferry for about 15 minutes, then walked back home. We always talk a lot on these walks which is nice. Round trip its about 1 1/2 miles, so it wasn't a big deal, it was just nice to be outside and get a little exercise.

When we returned to the house I decided to work on a project I've had in mind for nearly 2 years. Prior to moving from VA I pulled 3 wooden cornices out of my neighbors trash, knowing they could easily be reused either as cornices or shelves. They looked something like this:
On Sat I pulled them out of storage, used my neighbor's belt sander to smooth them out, and then painted 2 coats of semi-gloss white paint on them. I'm going to attach them to the wall and use them as display shelves, like this:
The cornices were free, the left-over paint was free, I bought a replacement sander belt for my neighbor for $4.82, and I estimate I'll spend another $5. for the L-brackets to hang the shelves. Not too bad for under $10.

Sat evening we picked up our buddies Craig & Mike and went to dinner at Serendipity restaurant, on the Indian River. The back of the restaurant is all windows so you can see the river from every table. We arrived just as the sun was starting to go down, and had a gorgeous view to compliment our meals.

I started off with a chocolate covered cherry martini that was tres fab! Spouse and Craig & Mike just drank water, the kill-joys. For dinner I had chicken and eggplant parmesan with angel hair. It was delicious, but too much to finish so I brought the left-overs home. They will be my lunch today. Craig & Mike said they enjoyed their meals too, and we had a very nice time getting to know them a little better.

Sat it was in the 70s, but today it was 36 degrees when I walked Jordan at 8:30. I guess that bit of spring we enjoyed on Sat was just a tease.

Crush du Jour: Jay Hernandez

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