Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lesson of the day

Okay, I'll admit that there's not a whole lot going on right now with me, which means no good stories for the blog, which means I default to photos. So here you go. Click to enlarge. Enjoy.

Sniff sniff... "Well, hello there!"
"Hmmm, you're not very responsive are you?"
"No matter, I can be responsive enough for the both of us!"
"Oh yeah... Who's your daddy?"
Lesson of the day: No matter how funny you think it will be, don't give Viagra to your pet or any other animal. It will only frustrate them and cause them to hate you.

Crush du Jour: Paul Vandervort


Jeff said...

LOL... You gotta love a horny moose!

And your crush du jour is a hottie! He might not shave his pits, but he sure does down below!

Scot said...

Would that make a Moofalo? More like a Buffaloose!
I'm corny, I can't help it. See what the bf has to put up with?

Stephen R. said...

I love this so hard! And so did he. Apparently.

And Paul Vandervort. Damn!!!! I love me some of that!

Toddy said...


I love you muchly.

Doug said...

Love love love it! So enjoy your blog.
BTW, I tagged you on a meme. See my blog.
Have a great weekend, hon.

David Dust said...


And who is Paul Vanderwhatever?? That's a HOT white boy!

cb said...

"Clang Clang Clang went the 'volley'..."

Mica said...

gorgeous crush du jour!