Thursday, March 06, 2008

Project Runway Finale

Last night was the finale of Project Runway. We got to see Christian, Rami, and Jillian cast their models, fit the clothes to them, and sew up all the last minute loose ends. Then it was on to Bryant Park for Fashion Week.

I must say that I believe Jillian and Rami really stepped it up. I thought both of them showed real progress and maturity in their designs. However, in both collections there were things I liked and things I didn't like. Christian, as always, amazed me with this style, vision, and maturity despite being just 21.

Unfortunately the photos below do not do justice to the amazing garments these talented designers made, but I'll share with you some of my favorites. Click to enlarge the photos.

This is my favorite outfit designed by Jillian. I thought the fabric and design were a great match.
I also liked this look because of the gold piping along the sweater ruffle that tied into the gold pant. This is the first time knits were seen in a Project Runway designer's line at Fashion Week.
I liked this dress because it was a pretty color and a flattering, feminine shape.
This is my favorite of Rami's designs. The bodice of this gown is constructed of woven strips of fabric and the skirt portion of the dress appears to flow out of the weaving. Beautiful!
I thought this gown was quite pretty. It looks like it took a lot of work.

As if you haven't already heard, Christian was named the winner of Project Runway! I'm happy he won, as I predicted he would. His design outlook is fresh and innovative. He proved to be the most talented of the group at the age of 21. Can you imagine what he'll be like in 5 years?
Here's Christian introducing this collection on the runway.
Unfortunately these photos just don't show all the texture and detail of the actual garments.

This is my very favorite of Christian's collection. The colors, textures, feathers, everything!

It was an exciting show to watch. My only complaint was with Bravo's editing. As the models were walking down the runway the camera kept cutting away to people in the audience, like the judges and the designers' families. I found myself yelling to the cameraman in frustration "We don't care what the judges or families look like. We want to see the clothes!"
I'll miss my Wed night fashion fix.

Crush du Jour: Jonny Lee Miller


Stephen R. said...

Christian's line was amazing. I loved how the color popped out after the first five or so piece were in all black. Stunning.

David Dust said...

Seriously, the "Chicken Gown" was FIERCE!!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway Recap. your hair!

RAD said...
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RAD said...

yea yea Christian...All did well..this was the best season yet! Im going to miss my weely PR fix too... Thanks for the hunk too..Johnny Lee Miller....We have SUCH GREAT TASTE dont we!!!