Monday, March 24, 2008


Spouse & I both had Fri off work due to Good Friday, and spent the day doing a mixture of necessary household chores and fun stuff, including going out to lunch together, something we rarely do. Fri night we met the 'usual suspects' for our regular Fri night dinner.

Sat morning we packed a bag and the dog and headed back to VA. We were supposed to visit with our friends Liz & Robert Sat afternoon, but they called to say their daughter had a high fever, and since Spouse had been fighting sinusitis all week, we thought it best not to be exposed to whatever was giving Rachel the fever. With our afternoon plans squelched, we wound up visiting with Spouse's mom for a while and then watching TV with her for a few hours. Boring! I tried to get Spouse to agree to an unplanned visit with our former neighbor, but he didn't want to. We took the dog for a walk, and then Spouse's sister and her kids came over for a while, which helped break up the day.

At 5:00 we picked up my aunt Mary and went to dinner at Del Merei Grille in the Del Rey section of Alexandria. I have been missing their tasty food. Spouse and his mother both got meatloaf, my aunt Mary had salmon, and I had Southern Dim Sum. Its not really called that on the menu, but since I love their side dishes so much, I just ordered 3 side dishes (macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and cheesy garlic grits) as my meal. My aunt Mary came up with the moniker Southern Dim Sum. We all really enjoyed our food and had a nice visit at the small but elegant restaurant.

After dinner the 4 of us returned to Spouse's mom's house where Spouse's sister and her kids were waiting for us with 3 dozen hard boiled eggs and egg dye. We all sat around the kitchen table and used crayons and dye to create our edible Easter masterpieces. It was the 1st time I'd ever decorated Easter eggs. Everybody had a good time. Spouse's sister and the kids went home and I dropped my aunt Mary off at her place at 10:00.

Sun morning Spouse & I slept in while his mom went to church. In the early afternoon we picked up my aunt Mary again and joined the rest of the family over at Spouse's brother Louis' house. We had a nice time talking, eating, and laughing. I had forgotten our camera so I have no Easter pics to share.

Spouse & I dropped my aunt Mary off, picked up our bag and our dog, and headed back to DE at 8:00, arriving home at 10:30. We both took today off work, in anticipation of possibly staying in VA Sun night, but decided to come home in order to have a relaxing day off at home.

We slept in this morning, ran a few errands, went grocery shopping, and did some laundry. I have my work out this evening, which may be harder than usual due to all the candy I ate yesterday!

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my last few entries about how Spouse & I met, and our 1st couple of dates. I appreciate your comments! Hopefully this will inspire some of you to share your stories of meeting your spouse/boyfriend/husband/significant other. And if you're single, perhaps you'll share some of your funny/horrible/amusing/bewildering dating stories on your blog.

Several of you were disappointed my stories didn't include when we 1st had sex, and I replied privately to some of you. My reason for not including this info is to respect Spouse's desire for privacy. Some of our friends read this blog and he prefers I not share intimate info here. But I will reveal to anyone who is interested that our 1st time having sex was after date #4. Yes, that's right bitches! For us it really was about feeling the connection, getting to know one another, and feeling that we'd each met someone very special, so the 'hot, sweaty sex' you guys anticipated simply wasn't our focus, so it came in time.

Crush du Jour: Colton Ford


joe*to*hell said...

i am EXHAUSTED from your weekend....

RAD said...

sounds like my easter..color eggs and family and was nice but busy...I wish I had taken yesterday off--I was exhausted when I returned to work....

Scot said...

Love Joe's comment...

I know you've been reading my drivle for a while, and I'm catching up on your posts. I did really enjoy the genesis of your relationship. Honestly, the question of when you first had sex wasn't in the front of my mind (although considering you had 4 dates in 6 days, saying you had sex after date 4 isn't like you waited months (: )
I'm in about month 8 of a relationship that gat a slow start as both of us were coming out of long term relationships. I connected to that right away. Hopefully things will go as well for us (and we too met in a bar, but through friends)

Jeff said...

Just wanted to let you know that we watched Regular Guys last night and we both liked it! Glad we saw it. I wish I spoke better German!