Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Shhhh... don't tell anyone, but Spouse is on his way to a job interview right now.

When Spouse accepted his job a year and a half ago he knew it wasn't a job he would stay with for many years. Most of the time he's not challenged enough to stay engaged, and even worse than that, nearly everyone around him (supervisor, peers, staff) is very negative. It is not a comfortable work environment, so he's been looking for another position for quite a while.

A few weeks ago he found a position that is 2 grades higher than his current grade and requires many of the skills and credentials he possesses, so he applied for it. His application met the necessary standards so he was notified last week that he was being placed on the "cert" list. Then last Fri he received a call from the hiring manager/director/whomever, asking him to schedule an interview.

The new job is a director-level position so it has a higher level of responsibility, and is in a totally different division (away from those negative people) so he is very excited about it. Being 2 grades higher than his current position also means more money, which would be really nice.

The only 'con' to the situation thus far is the distance. The position is in a town almost 50 miles away, so his commute would be nearly 100 miles a day. However, traffic here is very different than the DC area, where we used to live. The nearly 50 mile trip will take less than an hour because it is all highway driving, no traffic lights, and no traffic congestion. But its still almost 100 miles a day of wear-and-tear on his car.

But I think the biggest deciding factor, if he is eventually offered the job, will be the people and work environment. Spouse says if he is offered the position at some point he will definitely ask to visit the workplace and meet all of the managers that would report to him so he can get a good feeling the environment. This will be really helpful to him since he has a knack for reading people quickly and accurately.

I'm sending positive vibes to my man.

Crush du Jour: Bobby Cannavale


Doug said...

You misspelled the last name of my imaginary boyfriend:

I must use him for a 'Nuff Said post.

Good stories... how is that lip?


Kevin said...

I SO adore Bobby Cannavale!

Yum. Just need to fatten him up a bit.

tornwordo said...

So how'd it go?