Sunday, January 27, 2008

Car show

Last Sept Spouse & I took our friends the Newlyweds with us to a car show in Rehoboth Beach, sponsored by the Straight Eights chapter of the Lambda Car Club. I was totally in heaven! Thought I'd post these photos I took, showcasing some of my favorites. Images may be clicked for larger versions. Enjoy!

Late 50s and early 60s Cadillacs are my all-time favorites. This is a 1960 Sedan de Ville.

Didn't Jock Ewing drive a Lincoln like this one in 'Dallas'?
Convertibles also have a special place in my heart. Here's an interesting Buick convertible.

When I was a kid I called this Nash a washing machine.
This is a real beauty. Love those fins!
A 60s Cadillac Sedan de Ville, in 'Desert Rose' paint color.
Loved this 60s Thunderbird.
This gorgeous Edsel belongs to my friend Marty. Quite a head-turner!
Loved this two-tone paint job. Why don't they do that anymore?
Not sure, but I think this is a Mercury. Love those lines!
Look at the tail lights on this wagon!
I believe this is a Lincoln. It is lavendar!
And the rear view...
The interior of this yellow car is blood red and made me think someone had gotten mixed up when it was being restored. However, in the movie 'Pleasantville' there is a duplicate of this car with the same yellow/blood red color combination. Pretty unusual looking.

One day I hope to own a classic car.


cb said...

I absolutely LOVE Nash Metropolitans! I want one so badly!

Kealie Shay said...

I don't know if you even post here anymore, I didn't see any past January... but, LOVE the cars.

Dad and big brother used to restore classic cars. Actually, they still do! So, while I know next to nothing about sports, I am a complete girly-girl who can spot a classic Camaro or Mustang a mile away. Loved these pictures.

Anonymous said...

I caught this one back on June 8,2007. I was coming back to the State House from DOH and this was in the lot.

It's a 1940 Chevrolet.

Garry Brei said...

That lavender-colored Lincoln is just way too sexy for mere mortals like us, hahaha. Look at that, it's gorgeous, massive but handsome. Everything about it is perfect, including the chrome trimmings and matching white upholstery and tires. It's definitely a priceless treasure.