Monday, January 14, 2008

Productive and fun

This weekend was fun and productive, even though we really didn't have much in the way of 'plans'.

As usual, the weekend started Fri evening with dinner with the 'usual suspects'. But rather than the Miltonian, 11 of us gathered at the new Shanghai Buffet. Its one of those Chinese food and more buffets, but they also have a grill. Dave & Scott's friends Rodney & Paul came and I enjoyed meeting and talking to them. They used to live in Gaithersburg MD and I lived there too. Now they live here at the beach.

Thanks to our new bedroom curtains, we were able to sleep in Sat morning until 10:00. I was slightly annoyed that we slept in that late, but finally justified it by thinking 'We must have needed the sleep or our bodies would have woken us up earlier'.

"Justification - party of 2."

I convinced Spouse to 'stop the madness' and offered to help him fold/hang/put away the 5 baskets of his laundry I'd washed for him earlier in the week. After that we had left over chicken corn chowder for lunch, then went for a walk on the boardwalk. After the 1st trip down the boardwalk (1 mile) we ran into Stephan & Wayne who had just started walking their dogs, so we turned around and walked with them up and down the boardwalk (2 miles), then finished our original walk (1 mile) in order to get back to our car. So we had a 4 mile walk on the boardwalk! It was chilly, but it was sunny and clear as we looked at the water and chatted with our friends.

On the way home we stopped at the greatest dollar store in the world for some people and dog snacks. Spouse took a nap and I read emails and blogs. That evening we went to Rick & Nick's to watch a movie from Netflix "Shock to the System".

Sun morning was all about the house cleaning. We really hadn't done any the last 3 weekends and our neglect was showing in the form of pet hair and dust bunnies everywhere. Spouse agreed to clean all 4 bathrooms while I vacuumed the entire house; all 3 levels. In my opinion I got the better end of the deal because I absolutely detest cleaning bathrooms. (When I was single I hired a cleaning lady to clean my 1 bedroom condo once a month, just so I wouldn't have to clean the bathroom.) I tried to be really thorough, ie: dusting baseboards and window sills, because we're having company this coming weekend. Within 2 1/2 hours we'd cleaned the entire house from top to bottom and we felt a big sense of accomplishment.

After showering we took a load of broken down cardboard boxes to the recycling center, then stopped at the bank. I can not tell you how happy I am that my bank has placed an ATM at their mortgage office in Rehoboth. Apparently some silly banking law currently prohibits my bank from opening full service banking branches in DE. So each month Spouse & I have had to drive the 60 mile round trip to Ocean City MD to make deposits. Over the summer the mortgage arm of my bank opened a mortgage office in Rehoboth, and just recently they added an ATM! So now Spouse & I can save ourselves the 90 minute round trip drive to OC, along with a few bucks in gas. This may sound little, but I'm telling you, its big!

Next we stopped for a late lunch at Five Guys. Its been open since the summer but we'd not gone yet. I like their burgers because they really taste grilled, not fried. Spouse felt guilty the entire time we were eating because it felt too much like 'fast food', which we both swore off since moving here. I told him it wasn't fast food and that he should simply enjoy this rare indulgence.

I watched a "Flip That House" marathon Sun afternoon/evening while Spouse was on the computer and taking a nap. I love that show! Then I took some summer clothes out of my closet and packed them into one of those long, shallow plastic storage containers that slides under a bed. This greatly improved the workability of my closet. I tossed the dining room table cloth and kitchen towels into the washer before sitting down to read/forward some emails. After dinner Spouse & I watched a movie from Netflix called "Slutty Summer".

So despite having no real 'plans' for the weekend, I feel good that we were productive and had fun.

Crush du Jour: Pete Kuzak

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