Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I called Monica at Liqui-Sew back today. She seemed genuinely happy to hear from me, and complimented me on my blog.

Then we started talking about Liqui-Sew. I told her about the 3 projects I'd used it for (making curtains from raw fabric, hemming existing curtains, and attaching beaded trim to a lamp shade), and again she sounded genuinely excited that the product was useful to me in multiple ways. She also said she loved the fact that I was a man, since the majority of their customers are "little old ladies".

Then she explained a little about the science behind the product. Liqui-Sew is absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and becomes permanently bonded. You can put the fabric in your washer and dryer and the bonding will not come out. Pretty cool!

Then she offered to send me some more Liqui-Sew and some other new products for free! Being the seasoned bargain hunter that I am, I of course accepted and gave her my address. When the box arrives next week I'm hoping to find Liqui-Cook, Liqui-Clean, and Liqui-Laundry. (Thanks, Shirley!)

Monica was super-nice so I invited her to return to my blog. She said she would. You can expect an update on this for sure. Maybe I'll shorten the sleeves of a shirt or hem a pair of jeans!

Crush du Jour: Rupert Everett


RAD said...
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RAD said...

I use that hem tape for quickies! The one you just use an iron and viola! Maybe I need to check into this liquid sew... Rupert is a QQQQTTT!