Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project Runway?

What happened to Project Runway last night? I thought new episodes 1st aired on Wed nights at 10pm ET, but last night was a re-run of the previous week's episode. WTF?

Speaking of Project Runway, when I initially saw these photos I thought: "This must be next week's challenge on 'Project Runway'... balloons." But rather, these photos were taken at a balloon fashion show in China. I thought the designs were rather clever and creative. The following commentary, likely not nearly as clever or creative, is mine.

This one's from the "Madam Butterfly" collection.
These are 2 from the "One Night in Bangkok" collection.
"Lady in Red", naturally.
This design reminds me of that Teena Marie song "If I Were a Bell".
From the musical number "Under the Sea"???
And of course, from the "Blushing Bride" collection.

Crush du Jour: Akshay Kumar


joe*to*hell said...

yeah what the hell???? ruined my wednesday. no warning. its just not right

cb said...

On Bravo they said that they would be returning in two weeks with a new episode. Geesh!

I like the balloon garments. I wonder if they squeek when they walk?

Oh, and sitting would be a joy!

Scot said...

OMG- this soooo reminds me of the Condom Fashion Show in China over the summer. Here's a link

Thanks for stopping into my blog- Scot (not Scott)

Scot said...

Sorry, her's the live link for the lazy set...