Thursday, December 05, 2013

Leavin' on a jet plane

Today is the day!

This morning we're driving from DE to Spouse's mom's house in northern VA.  Spouse's brother will pick us up there and drive us to the airport this afternoon.  We're planning to be inside the terminal 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time since this is an international flight.  Our flight leaves at 5:20pm and we arrive in Paris at 6:55am the next morning.

The logistics of travel make me nervous; getting to the airport with sufficient time, allowing for traffic jams, security, checking in, etc.  I have no fear of flying and really couldn't care less if I'm served a 'snack' or not, or if I have an empty seat next to me or not.  The flying part doesn't bother me.  The logistics are what make me nervous.

My brain tells me there's nothing accomplished by worrying about things over which I have no control, so I will do my best to allow extra ground travel time and arrive early.  Those are the things I can control.

Bon voyage!!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! And Happy Birthday!

Bob said...

Have a fabulous time!!

Jon DeepBlue said...

Je te souhait un très beau voyage!

♪♫ J'ai deux amours....♪♫

Ur-spo said...

please kiss the Mona L for me.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I agree with your thinking. I plan everything to a "T", make lists of logistics, schedules, everything. And have a wonderful time because it all works out! (No matter what.)

Peace <3

David Jeffreys said...

Wave to me from the Eiffel Tower!

I used to fret about logistics when I was traveling by plane all over the country consulting. Then after things that I could not control such as weather, pilots, airplanes, etc., I gave up and learned to say: "I'll be there when I get there."

wcs said...

Bon vol !

Facing Traffic said...

I can honestly say that when I went to Paris, I got off the plane and into the airport and I wanted to turn right around and go home. So glad I didn't... it was the most awesome experience of my life.

Soul Yaoi said...

Safe trip!