Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Instead of staying home and getting ready for our trip, last night we joined several friends for dinner and then I drove Big Ella in the Christmas Parade.  Fun!!!

We leave for Paris tomorrow and as of this writing, I have yet to pack a stitch of clothes.  In fact, I don't even know what I'm bringing, which is not like me.

The reason for this is because I'm very unsure what to bring.  I've been watching the weather and have a good idea of what the temps will be like, but we will be outdoors a lot (walking, riding the hop on/hop off bus, etc) so I know I will need warmer clothes than I would wear if I were at home.

Then there's the whole suitcase situation.  We got new luggage so we both have new airline-compliant carry-ons to stuff, plus you're allowed 1 additional 'personal item' (ie: purse, briefcase, etc.) but when you're packing winter clothes, you can fill up a carry-on bag very quickly.  Packing for a summer trip is so much easier because the clothes take up just 1/2 the space.

I know better than to think I will be able to bring a different outfit for each day, or that I will have day outfit and an evening outfit each day.  I think I will try to pack a few mix-n-match clothing items so that everything coordinates with everything, colorwise.  I think layers will be important, so I can put on or take off a sweater if I'm too cool or too warm.  I will be lucky to fit 1 evening outfit, which I'll wear Sat night for my birthday dinner. 

We've also purchased those 'travel size' toiletry items in the past, since the regular size items aren't permitted in carry-ons.  If we don't find them for this trip, we may just buy regular size items once we get to Paris, and just throw them away when packing to come home.

The house-sitter/dog-sitter is confirmed, the credit card company has been notified of our travel, and our tablets are charged and loaded with e-books and movies, so all of that is done.  Now I've just got to decide what to pack and cross my fingers that I can get it all in my carry-on and 'personal item'.


anne marie in philly said...

have a great time; take many pix; happy 50th! love you!

Anonymous said...

Jeans and t-shirts! Coming and going and in between! HAHAHAHA

I'm a simple traveler. 3 pair undies, 2 pants - one jeans, the other khaki, 3 or 4 underwear, a rain shell, a fleece, 4 socks, 1 pair "all over" shoes. Some toothpaste, a brush, something for the hair...

Everything else buy there or do without! Well, except electronics. I buy mine with 7-11 school of design in mind: AA batteries!!!! Oh, I can buy those WHEREVER.

I know you will have a WONDERFUL TRIP!!! SO AWESOME!!! There better be pics and narration when you get back!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

bon voyage!
I hope someday to see Paris myself.

Travel said...

My father had a simple rule for packing, half as many clothes as you think you need and twice as much money.

Jeans, long and short sleved T-shirts, sweaters and you are good to go.

Seven years ago we went to Paris for Chirstmas - ENJOY.