Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas cards

I was off work yesterday and since it was the 15th of Dec (10 days til Christmas), I decided to make use of the time off to work on my Christmas cards.

I've written before about how I enjoy sending holiday cards, that I hand-address the envelopes and why, and that I have a tradition of listening to Christmas CDs and drinking eggnog while I write the cards.  To my routine I've also added the application of tasteful Christmas stickers on the back of the envelopes.

While I enjoy the act/process very much, I must admit that it is time-consuming.  Yesterday I spent about 6 hours working on my cards, and I got through about 3/4 of them.  But it felt good to place 100 cards in the mailbox for pick-up.  Now I've only got about 25 cards left to write, and I will likely finish them tonight.

1 comment:

anne marie in philly said...

man, you have MANY special friends! 125 - WOW!

I did my 12 cards.