Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Paris observations

Spouse & I enjoyed our trip to Paris very much.  In addition to seeing/visiting so many beautiful places, I also did quite a bit of people-watching.  Below are my observations about Parisians:

  1. They all wear scarves.  Every single one of them.  We tried to find a Parisian NOT wearing a scarf but couldn't do it.  Parisians love scarves.  That is a fact.
  2. They wear uber-fashionable coats.  While riding the subway and walking the streets I noticed that no one was wearing a 'basic' coat.  Everyone's coat was stylish, detailed, almost unique.  I didn't see a single person wearing a coat that looked like it came from a chain retail store.
  3. They have embraced the skinny-leg pant Everyone under the age of 60 was wearing skinny-leg jeans or pants.  Straight and gay; man and woman.
  4. Men shave once every 10-14 days.  While some men had full-on beards and a few were clean-shaven, the vast majority of Parisian men had scruffy facial hair that appeared to be several days' worth of growth. 
  5. They like good leather shoes.  As much as Parisians walk, I was surprised at how few people I saw wearing sneakers/athletic shoes.  The majority of men and women were wearing nice-looking leather shoes, even with jeans.  Many of these had an exaggerated pointy toe which I liked.
  6. They're not mean to Americans.  We were treated nicely by everyone we can into contact with in Paris.  At one point early in the trip I thought the waitress might not like us because she wouldn't bring us our check.  After finishing our meal we waited and waited for her to drop off our check.  But I later learned that was because we hadn't asked for the check.
  7. Parisian men look like metrosexuals, at least to Americans.  Several times I saw good-looking, well-groomed, stylishly-dressed men and perceived them to be gay, only to then witness their girlfriend/wife sit on their lap, lean over and kiss them, or hold their hand.
  8. They are weight/height appropriate.  We did not see many overweight people at all.  99% of the Parisians we saw appeared to be healthy, perhaps due to all the walking and/or the smaller size of the meals.
Disclaimer:  These are my observations and are not based on any scientific data or studies.


joe c said...

I noticed much of this in Spain as well. Makes you wanna try to bring some of that European sensibility here, doesn't it? Well, maybe after I finish these chili dogs... :)

anne marie in philly said...

paris IS a fashion capital.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that if you do not act like an ugly American, folks will treat you right. I saw a (presumably) German family who hadn't bothered to learn the customs in England get all steamed up because they weren't getting table service in a pub. But that's not how it works. I ordered at the bar, found a table, and got my food while they sat and fumed (and watched me). Finally they got up and ordered, and viola`! Their food arrived!

Peace <3

joe c said...

Uh, New York's a fashion capital too and look at some of the people there :P

Ur-spo said...

I am all for #4

Anonymous said...

They are not fat at all the only hefty folks I ever saw in Paris were Americans. Also, they walk very fast and walk a lot! And no they do not wear trainers hardly ever unless partaking in physical activity!

If you are there long enough you find yourself adopting their ways and styles! I loved it!!