Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today is my Friday

Although the calendar says Thurs, today is my Fri. I'm off work tomorrow.

The reason I'm off is because the events related to the car club's "Beach Ball" begin tomorrow. The day will start with breakfast, then a caravan to a neighboring town where we'll park and allow the public to 'preview' our cars in advance of the official "Beach Ball" car show on Sat. Later there will be cocktails, heavy hors d'oeuvres, socializing and dancing.

Sat is the official car show, and Sat night is the dinner and awards banquet.

This year Spouse & I are both entering cars. I will enter Big Ella again, of course.
Spouse will enter our Mercedes Benz SLK 230 Kompressor. I really don't care if either of us wins an award or not. I just LOVE the opportunity to see over 100 steel and chrome beauties all in 1 location!! I'm sure it will be as much fun as last year's "Beach Ball".

It will also be fun to get to know more of the car club members this year.

Today Big Ella is at the detailers getting the complete bumper-to-bumper treatment. Tomorrow the SLK will get the same.

Crush du Jour: Vince Ferelli

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A Lewis said...

Have a great weekend! And be nice to Ella, would you please....