Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinner with Deb & Greer

The other night we had dinner with our favorite foodies Deb & Greer.

During our last dinner together at Planet X we planned to go to Hobo's next. Although Spouse & I had eaten at Hobo's 3 or 4 times in the last month, we certainly didn't mind going again. We have really enjoyed trying all the wonderful-looking items on the menu, which changes daily.
For my starter I ordered the seared tuna tenderloin with black and white sesame seeds with orange ginger glaze and wasabi. Yum!! For my entree I had 'Smack Your Mama' Mac 'n Cheese which is made with 5 different cheeses and is served hot and gooey in a ramacan. OMG - so rich and delicious. I couldn't finish it so I brought the leftovers home.

Spouse started out with the roasted tomato and bazil panzanella soup which is so amazingly good he can't help but order it nearly every time we go there. For his entree he ordered a delicious lentil and grilled vegetable dish over grilled pollenta. I didn't know lentils could taste so good!

For her starter Deb ordered the 'Award Winning Gazpacho' which she described as "a religious experience", followed by the roasted mushroom tamale entree.

Greer started with the crab artichoke and brie dip (served hot with crustini) followed by the 'Smack Your Mama' Mac 'n Cheese. Despite sharing some of it with Deb, she still had to take home leftovers too.

Hobo's specializes in healthy foods. Veggies are all obtained from local farmer's markets and only organic and free-range meats are used. I just can't get over how delicious everything tastes! Its not a 'cheap' place to eat, but its certainly worth it in my opinion.

As usual, we enjoyed lots of great conversation with our foodie friends, including yard sales, real estate, work, the joys of living at the beach, and pics and stories of Deb's 1st grandchild. With them its always a good time! To see what else we've eaten click here and here.

After dinner Spouse & I went for a walk on the boardwalk before returning home.

Crush du Jour: Alex Prudhomme


anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmmm, I would like to explore the lizard tat, then work my way down the chest fur to...(drops the robe on the floor) sings "heaven, I'm in heaven..."

Bob said...

I'm a sucker for tuna.
And for lentils.
I would have been in heaven.
Oh, and gazpacho.
And the tamale.

Do they deliver to South Carolina? =/

Stephen said...

I dig the hairy crush...