Thursday, September 09, 2010

Its still summer

Living in a summer resort area as we do, there is a lot of emphasis on the beginning and ending of summer. Around here the summer tourist season begins Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor day weekend.

Not only do we get folks on their week's vacation, but we also get lots of 'weekenders' who spend some or all of the summer weekends here at the beach. Since we are located within 2 hours of 4 cities, lots of folks own 2nd homes or condos here, which makes it convenient to come every weekend. Spouse & I were 'weekenders' for several years before moving here full-time.

Personally I don't mind the huge influx of tourists. Yeah, they clog traffic and create waits at restaurants, but without them the local businesses would go bust. Resort areas with little to no local professional employment NEED tourists to keep businesses afloat. Plus, I enjoy the energy these folks bring to the area. They're happy, they're on vacation, they're enjoying the beach. That creates a lot of positive energy.

It amazes me to hear so many 'locals' and radio/TV personalities who should know better make statements around Labor Day about summer being over. While the summer tourist season may end on Labor Day, officially it is still summer until Sept 22. And without question there is still plenty of summer weather in Sept and early Oct. It was 90 degrees today. Sept is my favorite month of the year.

Sometimes we have summer-like days in late Oct and early Nov called "Indian Summer". Although well into autumn, indian summer days are like gifts to this beach bum.

So until Sept 22, please do NOT say that summer is over because you'll be wrong if you do!

Crush du Jour: Stephen Leonard


behrmark said...

Maybe people will listen to you; they never listen to me. I'm always correcting people about which season we're in.
I like crush du jour. Who is he?

Bob said...

I used to live on Maui many moons ago, and listened to the locals and the natives rant about the tourists.
And these were poeople who worked in restaurants and hotels, and ran diving stores, and worked in an industry relying on tourists.
I always would say, "But if we had no tourists, wouldn't we all be in the unemployment line?"

BosGuy said...

Its the same with Provincetown, MA and Ogunquit, ME - as long as the weather is nice, people still come but for all practical purposes the summer calendar of programs and events (i.e. daily Tea Dance at the Boatslip) conclude w Labor Day Wkd.

Mind Of Mine said...

Stephen Leonard gives me a low down tickle.

It doesn't make much sense that local personalities such as politician would hinder the local areas business by declaring Summer to be over!


cb said...

Here in minnesota, we never got the long slide into fall.

We went from 90 and muggy to 60 and chilly in one day flat.

tankmontreal said...

You don't have to live in a summer resort area for there to be emphases on the beginnings and endings of summer!!