Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend highlights

We started our weekend by having Fri Night Dinner with 'the usual suspects' at Po' Boys. I had a delicious and spicy shrimp and andouille pasta.

Sat morning Spouse had his personal trainer appointment and I had coffee and watched back-to-back episodes of "Sell This House", our favorite Sat morning rituals. Once Spouse returned home and showered, we had a light lunch on the screened porch and then drove Big Ella to a car show in Millsboro. It was a beautiful day for it; sunny with very low humidity and temps in the low 80s. I was torn between spending the day at the beach and going to the car show, but since our buddies Rick & Nick were going to the car show, Spouse thought we should meet them there, so we did. It was fun and there were some really great vintage and collector cars there. We didn't enter Big Ella because we didn't want to hang around at the show the entire day. But there wasn't a single Cadillac there so Big Ella would have really stood out if we would have entered her.

Later we went to Pier One and Walmart in search of discounted chair pads for our porch dining chairs. Steven & Thad invited us to their place for dinner along with The Bobs, Joe P, and Jack (Alisha wasn't there). Steven made whole wheat spaghetti with sausage and meatballs. Spouse & I managed to restrict ourselves to just a small portion in order to not blow our diets. Bob made a delicious homemade peach pie for dessert. We had a nice time with our friends. After returning home, Spouse watched TV and I met up with some friends at Mandance. It was fun to dance and hang out with my buddies.

Sun morning we had coffee on the screened porch. The humidity and temperature low again like Sat but it was a little cloudy. We met Bryan & Jason for a late breakfast at the Crystal restaurant. I had an amazing fruit plate with sweet and juicy watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and orange slices for $5. What a deal!! Then the 4 of us headed to the beach where we met up with our friends Steven & Thad, The Bobs, and Bruce & Mark. It turned out to be overcast all day and because the sun wasn't out I forgot to put on sunscreen. Believe it or not, I got a cloud burn (like a sun burn but on a cloudy day)! But we had fun hanging out with our buddies. When we felt a few sprinkles we decided to pack up our stuff. Rather than go home, we had a late lunch/early dinner with Bryan & Jason at the new Rehoboth Beach location of Cafe Azafran. Spouse had a beautiful and tasty Cafe Market Salad and I had the Mediterranean wrap with chicken. Bryan had a mozzarella and roasted red pepper salad and Jason had a black pepper turkey sandwich. We had a nice time, and although it looked like it was about to rain any minute, it never did.

After showering and relaxing a bit, Spouse & I dropped off our recycling at the collection center and then went grocery shopping, one of my least favorite things to do. After putting the food away Spouse watched TV and I sat on the screened porch for a while and contemplated my life. I don't enjoy my job anymore and count the days/hours until the weekend arrives. More about that tomorrow. There is also a personal issue that has been weighing on me lately so I took some time to consider possible actions with that. I didn't resolve anything but at least I spent some time considering the situations. Then I watched a little TV and went to bed.

Overall it was a good weekend.

Crush du Jour: Jeff Hazelton


behrmark said...

Personally I think Jeff Hazelton could solve all of my problems. *swoon*
Enough about me. It's always good to take time to think about personal issues. No where does it say they have to be solved immediately. Take your time, meditate on it, and when the time is right you'll know the direction to take.
In the meantime, BEHR HUGS!

anne marie in philly said...

whoa whoa whoa...WHERE did you find this wonderful furry creature? I'd ride him in a heartbeat!

I don't mind the grocery shopping...I did that on sat.

sorry to hear work is not going well for you. consider your options carefully as jobs are few and far between for people "our age" - except at wallymart.

you and spouse have wonderful friends...I envy you in that aspect.


Cubby said...

Ewww, the crush du jour has freakishly white teeth. He needs to start smoking.