Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Coco

Last night I went to see the fabulous and fierce Miss Coco Peru perform at the Blue Moon!

This is my 4th time seeing her perform there. Last year Steven & I went, and this year Steven & Thad and Jason and I went together.

We started with dinner at Cafe Azafrain. We all enjoyed our food but we were slightly annoyed by a small but loud party nearby and the long wait for our food. Fortunately the food was really good. I had 2 tapas plates: baked goat cheese with olives and roasted peppers, and spinach gnocchi. Jason also had 2 tapas plates: fried calamari and seared scallops. Steven had the mozzarella and roasted pepper salad and pasta with wild mushrooms. Thad had the roasted vegetarian plate.

After dinner we walked up the block to the Blue Moon and waited a few minutes for the opening of the doors to the performance space. After securing seats together I went to the bar for drinks. (Cosmo for me, Malibu and diet for Jason, Ginger Ale for Steven.) At the bar I ran into our part-time neighbors from around the corner, Chris & Paul, and learned that they are living here full-time now! We shared our desire to get together soon and catch up. After returning to my seat with the drinks I saw Doug & Jim enter the performance space. There were 2 empty seats directly in front of us so they took them and we were able to chat a bit before the show started.

As beautiful and elegant as always, Miss Coco Peru entertained us with her hilarious stories, inspirational thoughts, campy musical numbers, and her unique perspective on life. Fresh, new material of course. We all roared with laughter over and over again and had a grand time!

In her closing, she announced that she would return to the stage for photo taking and selling of her DVD, something she had not done in her previous 3 visits to the Blue Moon. I was thrilled to hear this since I'd suggested Steven bring his camera, just in case.

Sure enough, after the show I got to talk to Coco!I reminded her that we had chat via email and Facebook messages over the past few years. She asked for my email address and when I spoke it, she said "Oh yes of course." Then we posed for a photo:
I purchased one of her DVDs (a drag comedy special shown on LOGO) and she autographed it for me.
It was a delightful night!!

I can't recommend this too strongly: GO SEE HER SHOW!! Check out her website for more dates and locations.

If you can't see her in person, by all means, watch her films, check out her YouTube clips, and join her Facebook fan page. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

I must give props to my buddy Steven for his awesome photo abilities. He took the photo of Spouse & me in this post (which I cropped to become my current Facebook profile photo) and the 2 photos of me and Coco above. I usually don't like photos of myself but somehow he manages to catch me in the best light, which can't be easy. Thanks Steven!!

Crush du Jour: David Allison


Mind Of Mine said...

Is that the same drag queen who has has been in Too Wong Foo (Opening scene) and Will and Grace (The four way phone call)

RAD said...

delightful indeed! LUCKY!! Hope the tail end of your summer is going well! :-)

anne marie in philly said...

oooooh, fuzz AND nipples!

"Jason also had 2 tapas plates: fried calamari and seared scallops." - that would be my dinner choice as well...cosmo on the side, please.

behrmark said...

blah blah blah blah DAVID ALLISON! blah blah blah


robertga99 said...

how fun
If she comes to Atlanta I would love to see her

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!! Send her to Minneapolis!

John Going Gently said...

coco peru!!!

my friend nigel had a cracking drag name
gloria abyss

Anonymous said...

Steve sounds like a wonderful guy. You should mention him more. Maybe you should do a post dedicated to him.

BosGuy said...

I fell in love w/ her in the bathroom scene of the gay flick "Trick"... I missed her in Ptown this summer.

Mark in DE said...

Nice try, Steve! ;-)

cb said...

I do so enjoy ms. Peru

Kyle Leach said...

I'm envious Mark. I love Coco Peru! Glad you got to hook up in person.:)

David Allison said...

Now I never expected to see that picture pop up on someone's blog!
Cheers for that.

David Allison said...

Now I never expected to see that picture on someone's blog.
Cheers for that