Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

Spouse remains committed to following Weight Watchers with another 3 lb. loss this week. After 9 weeks he's lost a total of 38 lbs. He's now able to fit into some clothes he bought brand new but was never able to wear.

My friend Jared sent me this photo of an 'ergonomic' stool for men. Looks comfy!

It occurred to me this week that although our screened porch expansion was completed last month, I never posted any photos of it. So here's the back of our house and you can see the previous screened porch on the far left side.
The original screened porch was 6 feet deep and 17 feet long; integrated into the footprint of the house.
We had the porch extended in depth by 8 additional feet, so the porch now measures 14 feet deep and 17 feet long. It has a burgundy metal roof that matches the burgundy of the house trim.
Since the completion of the porch expansion we have had uncharacteristically low humidity so we have really used the screened porch a lot! We can seat 8 people at tables for a meal and 8 people in conversational seating.
We love it! Now, that's it for home additions and/or expansions. Perhaps this fall I'll paint a few rooms and in the spring we may have some mild landscaping done, but no more construction projects!

On Wed I got my new glasses. (Please ignore the weird faces I was making.)
"Turn to the left..."
"Now turn to the right..."
"Sashay, chante!" Although I wear contact lenses 99.9% of the time, Spouse really wanted me to have a pair of current prescription glasses as a back-up, and I really like these. They are very light-weight, comfortable to wear, and kind of modern.

I'm off work today. No special reason; just wanted to use up another vacation day while the weather was so nice. I had a relaxing morning of coffee, email, Facebook, and TV then tidied up the kitchen, threw some laundry in the washer, packed up a box for Spouse, then dropped off said box at the UPS store, picked up a cute T-shirt and belt (both 50% off) at Aeropostale, and then hit the beach for 3 hours. Why does the time seem to go by so much faster when you take a day off?

This summer I have spent more time at the beach than ever before and despite my usual paleness, I am getting a tan for the 1st time in years. Not that it was my goal to get a tan, but its kind of exciting to longer resemble a member of
Casper the Friendly Ghost's family. Of course, Spouse is 'concerned' that I am going to get skin cancer, despite the fact that I always use sun screen and sometimes sit in the shade of an umbrella. I like the way I look with a little color in my face.

Wishing you all a terrific weekend!

Crush du Jour: Mark McClellan


Breenlantern said...

The glasses look SPEC-tacular :-) Now where do I get one of those stools?

John Going Gently said...

the house is very pretty...nice detail on the doors!!

anne marie in philly said...

LOVE the porch...may you and spouse share many treasured memories on it!

the stool...uh...I'll's so NOT correct for me and my generous ass!

as for the glasses, they just enhance your sexayness! work it, supermodel!

Christopher said...

Love the glasses...and I can tell that you've lost weight (Woo Hoo!)...sadly, I think I found your discarded pounds!

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, I like the glasses you chose. very good choice. I wear contacts almost all the time too, but I do like having my glasses for times when I want to let my eyes "rest." They also come in handy if I am working in the garage or basement(lots of dust), or when we have installed insulation.