Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I have always longed to have that handsome, rugged, scruffy-face look that just oozes masculinity.

Take Jake Gyllenhaal, for instance. (Don't take him for long, because I want him back.) Even though Jake has 'boyish good looks' when he's clean-shaven, his face takes on a distinctive masculine quality when he avoids the razor for a few days. Strong, solid, rugged, masculine, hot.
Then there's perhaps the pioneer of the scruffy look: George Michael. It is rumored that George had a custom made beard trimmer that would give him that precise 5 o'clock shadow. I admit he really worked it. The new, rougher/tougher image was quite different from his "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" look, and I liked it. A lot.
Most recently we've been treated to the sizzling hotness of Matthew Fox, sporting a scruffy face for all to enjoy, especially Dirk Mancuso. He's been enjoying Mr Fox in the privacy of his home, so I hear. Unfortunately, I just don't appear to be able to pull off this sexy look I desire so in others. First, my hair and 'beard' (and I use that term loosely) are blond-to-light brown, so they aren't nearly as visible when I don't shave. Second, my 'beard' is not heavy or dense. Light in color and light in density. In some places it is 'patchy', which reminds me of a 16-year old pubescent boy, and I hate that! Picture: Shaggy from the Scooby Do cartoon.

Yeah, not such a 'sexy' look.

Its not that I yearn to need to shave everyday, but I'd like the flexibility of changing my 'look' from time to time. Sport a sexy 5 o'clock shadow once in a while, or maybe do the 'stache-n-goatee' thing. But as it is, I can go 3-4 days without shaving and no one would notice unless they looked closely or touched my face.

Since I work at home I have the luxury of not having to get dressed for work everyday (although I do anyway) or shaving. Currently it has been 10 days since I last shaved and I'm not impressed with the look.

Maybe tomorrow I'll shave my cheeks and under my chin, leaving a 'stache and goatee. But if it looks as lame as I imagine it will, I'll likely just go back to being clean-shaven tomorrow.

What's that old saying? 'The grass is always greener...'

Crush du Jour: Christopher Meloni (with a 5 o'clock shadow)


Stephen R. said...

I'm with you. I can't do the scruffy thing either. But I love me some Christopher Meloni. Yum.

Jeff said...

Mmmm. Matthew Fox. I'd even iron that blue shirt for him!

I had a moustache and goatee for most of last year, but I went back to clean shaven a couple of months ago. My facial hair fills in when I leave it, but it doesn't grown very fast. I shave only about 3 times a week.

Java said...

I'm so out of the loop. I didn't even know of Matthew Fox's existance before Dirk had him over for dinner the other evening. You guys need to keep me educated on the hottest new hunks. Your crush du jour helps!

RAD said...

I cant do the scruffy thing well on me ...but I dont mind the least to do the scruffy thing well too...he he...scrffy burns are hot!

cb said...

Y'all bitchez bettah keep yo' hands off my Meloni.

Mm-my Meloni has a first name, its C-H-R-I-S