Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Wow, I left the house in the car 3 times today! Since I work from home, many days I only leave the house on foot to walk the dog. But today I drove the car 3 times.

This morning I went to the bank to make a deposit before starting work. Then just before noon the package from our accountant arrived with our tax returns in it, so I signed them, attached the W2s, sealed them, and left the house again for the post office.

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about in living in a very small town is that on April 15th, the tax filing deadline, I could go to the post office and mail my returns in under 5 minutes. If I tried to do that back in Northern VA, there would literally be a line outside the post office, and a line snaking through the lobby, with at least an hour's wait. So I got our tax returns postmarked and into the mail. Now I can hardly wait for our refund checks!

I returned home and finished my day's work. When Spouse came home he suggested we go to Home Depot to look at plants so I left the house in the car for the 3rd time.

We have a gift card for Home Depot, and our friend John gave us some good suggestions for plants that are suitable to our sun and soil. Unfortunately Home Depot had a very poor selection, so we went to Lowes where we found all kinds of good stuff. It figures the place where we had the $100. gift card would have nothing, and the place where we had no gift card would have all the stuff we were looking for. I wish there was some way to convert that Home Depot gift card into a Lowes gift card.

Spouse really loves roses so we looked at shrub roses. They grow more like a shrub or bush and not like the long stem varieties. I'm not nearly the fan of roses that Spouse is, but I agreed to buy 8 pink shrub rose bushes tonight because I understand that roses will look great with our Victorian style house.

Neither Spouse nor I are gardeners. Fortunately we don't have to be as long as we stick with the low- and no-maintenance plantings suggested by our friend John. These roses will need to be trimmed once or twice a year and that's it. Eventually the bushes will grown into each other, creating a hedge of roses. Hopefully we can figure out how often to water them so we don't water-log them nor allow them to fry in the unforgiving afternoon sun.

Our yard guy Ray is going to plant the roses for us and re-mulch the beds. As the existing plants in the beds begin to awaken we'll get a better idea of what and where we want to fill in. Having a nice looking yard is important to us, yet neither of us wants to do any gardening, so we leave it to those who love it, like Ray.

Crush du Jour: Freddie Prinze Jr.


Stephen R. said...

Beautiful roses!

RAD said...

Secret to best plants and you will be the best gardner? Use Alaska Fish fertilizer maybe once a month....you will be the envy of everyone...keep it a secret....it smells a bit but it goes away after a day-- dont use it indoors! oh and make sure to water your plants and clip the dead stuff off regularly as well...that it!

David Dust said...

Gorgeous. Freddie Prinze, Jr. is simply gorgeous.

Oh, and those flowers are really nice also!


tankmontreal said...

Nice to have a yard guy. Nice to have a yard, for that matter.

Gregory said...

You have a yard guy and you're worried about FPJr? Who, I might add, is looking old!?