Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Work out update: session 2

Mon evening I went for my 2nd work out. Not that I'd given it a lot of fore-thought, but I guess I just assumed we'd do the same exercises as the first time. Au contraire! Just about every exercise I did Mon evening was different from the previous week, which I suppose is good, as they work different muscles.

I suppose this is only of note to me because I am so unfamiliar with how to do everything. Having never worked out before I had no knowledge of what to do with all those machines, much less the fact that most of them have multiple positions for multiple exercises. This probably sounds silly to most, but as I said, I've never done this before so its all new to me. I assumed on my 2nd work out Rick would be able to say "Hug the bear" and I'd know the machine and exercise he wanted me to do. But I quickly realized I would have another night of learning the correct form and position to do these new exercises.

Being aware of my breathing and making sure to take regular, deep breaths was VERY helpful this time. I made a conscious effort to breathe, which sounds weird when you say it, and found that it really helped keep sufficient oxygen pumping to my brain, which made the work out much more comfortable. I still sweat, but I didn't yawn like Rumpelstiltskin (a sign of insufficient oxygen to the brain) like I did last week.

I'm not as stiff or sore this week as I was last week either. Mon evening we ended the work out with lots of ab work, so I'm definitely feeling that. But I'm less uncomfortable than last week. I suppose this is normal. I imagine that each week it will get easier... until Rick starts loading on the weights! I'm actually looking forward to next Monday's session.

Okay, now please be aware that I know how utterly ridiculous this sounds, but it really did happen, and this is my blog so I'm going to write it anyway.

The other day I was scratching a little itch on my arm and I became aware of feeling a muscle. It almost startled me at first. But being pleased with the idea that I could actually feel a muscle, I decided to flex my bicep to see if I could see any visible enlargement, and I thought I did. After just 2 work outs!!! 'Could it really be that visible muscle enlargement could be noticeable after 2 work outs?' I wondered to myself. Logic told me no, but I decided to tell myself yes, as it felt like a huge incentive to keep on working out. Silly, I know...

Drag Queen name of the day: Keri A Load

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