Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Awesome Labor Day weekend

Our friends Bugsy & Roger rolled into town at about 12:30 on Fri (cuz that's how they roll) so I met them at the Blue Plate Diner for lunch. Afterward we came back to the house where Roger did a little homework for his class and Bugs went for a walk while I went back to work. My company closed early (3:30) so I only had 2 hours to go.

Spouse came home early and the 4 of us hung out and talked for a while. The temperature and humidity were delightfully low for Aug, so we turned off the a/c and opened the windows and french doors that lead from the kitchen onto the screened porch. We enjoyed the light breezes while catching up on each others' bidniss. Then we went to the grocery store to stock up on all the necessary items required for a long, holiday weekend, then met up with Rick & Nick and a few others for our regular Fri night dinner at the Miltonian.

Sat we lingered over breakfast for quite a while, enjoying music and conversation on the porch again. We went for a walk through town, and then across the canal to the bay. The beach was full of people thrilled with the near perfect weather for doing anything outside. We went for a walk on the beach, which was rather pebbly. We joked about how our feet would be as smooth as a baby's bottom from the exfoliation from the pebbles. After lunch and showers we went to an art show and sale. Rick & Nick told us about it and we were excited that a glass artist whose work we'd seen and liked was one of the exhibitors. We ran into several of our neighbors and friends there and really enjoyed seeing the artists' work. Many of the pieces were purchased. After returning home we had cocktails and snacks, then walked to Jerry's Seafood for dinner. After dinner we watched the campy cult classic "Valley of the Dolls". What a hoot!

Sun we had another leisurely morning that included banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, 2 pots of coffee, chatting, and laughing on the screened porch. Then we spent the afternoon at the beach, which was nothing less than divine. The temperature remained in the low 80s, the humidity was indecipherable, and there was a gentle breeze blowing. I challenged our friends to find something that could improve this experience but they came up empty-handed. Upon returning home we all showered and prepared to host a little cook-out. Rick & Nick, Wayne & Stephan, and Doug & Jim came over for hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats on the grill with baked beans, tortellini salad, and homemade mac 'n cheese. It took a while to get the grill nice and hot, but everything was cooked perfectly! When the sun sank low along the horizon I lit a bunch of candles that gave the screened porch a dreamy glow. It was a great night!

Mon morning was much like Sat and Sun morning: easy, tasty, relaxed, and enjoyable. Again we had a spectacular day at the beach, although it was a bit more breezy, leaving most of us with sand in every imaginable crevice. After returning to the house, showering, and packing their things, Bugs & Rog left at about 6:00. Spouse & I met Rick & Nick at 7:45 to see "The Simpsons" movie. Although I'm not a fan of most animated movies, the writing is so clever in "The Simpsons" that I couldn't help but like it.

We had an awesome weekend and I can't think of anything that could have made it better, with the exception of winning the lottery maybe.

Drag Queen name of the day: Allie Babah

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