Friday, September 21, 2007

Ugly Betty

With the Emmys last weekend I was reminded yet again that I am the only person alive who has not seen 'Ugly Betty'. Lead America Ferrera won an emmy for Best Actress in a comedy. So last night I decided to check out the show and see what the buzz was about.

And I'm still wondering. I mean, I didn't hate it, but I really didn't see what everyone is so ga-ga about. I realize its a comedy, but there were so many implausibilities and holes in the storyline that I felt like I was watching a kids' cartoon. Here's just one example:

A female character learns that her (rival) brother is explaining his black eye by claiming to have saved a drowning girl scout in the Central Park pond. She decides to 'call him on it' by setting up a press conference, complete with reporters, photographers, and a full troupe of girl scouts, where she grills him on the details of the heroic incident to his embarrassment.

How STUPID is that? Even if your brother were getting in the way of you taking over the family business, you wouldn't damage the family business' name by showing your brother to be a liar in front of the press. And, why wasn't the girl scout he claimed to have saved invited to the press conference?

I just found the show to be almost unwatchable. Its only redeeming value is the message that 'different' people are okay.

Betty is 'different' because she works at a glamor magazine, yet is far from glamorous herself and doesn't see the need to be glamorous. Betty's associate Marc (who is NOT her friend) is 'different' because he is a big flaming queen, yet no one seems to notice or they just don't care.

But by far though, the most endearing of the 'different' characters is Betty's nephew Justin who is consumed with the tiniest of details, and for whom all signs point to "future homosexual". There's something about the innocence of youth, when one has not yet learned to filter their speech and actions, that makes this character lovable.

My guess is that this show is one of only a small handful of comedies still left on TV, since the demise of 'Friends' and 'Will & Grace', so choosing to watch it is like choosing the least offensive presidential candidate to vote for. What other comedies are there? I must give props to 'The Office', which I think is the best comedy on TV right now, although '30 Rock' won the emmy. I have not seen '30 Rock' yet, but will likely be equally disappointed with it.

Too bad they don't make comedies like they used to. Remember "All in the Family"? "The Carol Burnett Show?" "The Jeffersons?" Now THOSE were comedies!

Nope, they sure don't make 'em like they used to.

Drag Queen name of the day: Grace Fully

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