Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last night I decided to give myself highlights.

I've had highlights in my hair before. When I lived in Arlington my hairdresser eventually learned how to do them the way I like. I don't like it when they put that cap on and pull the hair through with a crochet hook and color it. It doesn't get the color close enough to the root, especially for someone with hair as short as mine, and it sometimes resulted in a 'checkerboard' pattern on the sides and back. Not pretty! So I basically trained her how to 'paint' the highlights on with a comb and small paint brush.

Since moving to Lewes I didn't feel like training a new person to do my highlights the way I like them, or did I feel like paying $35.-$50. for this luxury, so a few months ago I bought a highlighting kit and did it myself. It turned out just fine! Besides, after 2 haircuts all the highlights are gone. Like I said, I wear my hair pretty short. So for about $10. I can do the highlights myself, without an appointment, after every other haircut.

Since it was summer, I thought I'd try another highlighting 'trick' I'd used before, which consists of spraying 'Sun In' on my hair a few times while at the beach. You don't get the same kind of definition as regular highlights, but it still lightens up my hair nicely. But I kept forgetting to buy the 'Sun In' at the store, so I basically had dull, lifeless looking hair for a few weeks.

Well, no more! Last night I did the self-highlighting and now I've got my blond back!

Drag Queen name of the day: Eve St. Laurent

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