Monday, March 12, 2018

Vacation: Wed

After a light breakfast, Spouse & I began to tidy up the house and pack.  Earlier I posted photos of the back yard and pool but I realized I hadn't taken any interior photos so I did that just before we left.
Living room


dining room

Secondary living space
Next we had lunch at Lulu where we both enjoyed delicious kobe burgers.  Then we walked around downtown and stopped in a few stores and galleries.  Having seen my Palm Springs posts on Facebook, my friend Peter recommended we check out a unique gallery/store called AutoErotica. The artist Michael Weems is originally from MD and is friends with my friend Peter. He pioneered a process for transferring vintage male erotic images onto auto parts (fenders, hoods, doors), hence the name AutoErotica.  Fortunately Michael was in the gallery/store so we introduced ourselves and talked for a while.  He was a real hoot!  Later Spouse said he wished we'd met him earlier in our visit because he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with.  Oh, and we loved his art too!

Eventually we had to leave our desert oasis and drive back to LAX.  Fortunately we didn't experience the heavy/slow traffic the Newlyweds had experienced the day before, so we arrived in record time.  We returned the rental car, shuttled over to the airport, and had 4 hours until our plane was scheduled to leave.  We found our gate, went to the bathroom, looked at Facebook, then decided to order a pizza at the Wolfgang Puck place in airport.  Then we picked up some snacks from a store and waited to board.  We had upgraded our tickets from regular coach to premium coach so we'd have a little extra room, hoping we'd be able to sleep on the plane.  Neither of us was able to do more than doze for a few minutes.

After arriving in Baltimore we took the shuttle to the hotel where our car was parked, then drove home to DE, arriving about 8am.  We were pretty exhausted when we got home, but were thrilled to be reunited with Marvin & Walter!  The 4 of slipped into bed and slept til 1pm.  We could have slept longer but I didn't want to sleep so much that we wouldn't be able to sleep that night.  We had a little lunch, watched TV, and relaxed.  All in all the trip home was easier than the trip out there, save for the red eye flight.

We loved Palm Springs and would definitely like to return.

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anne marie in philly said...

next year you will HAVE to coordinate with spo & someone for your PS visit! and you would get to see cubby & tim and fearsome beard too!