Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I'd seen on Facebook a sponsored ad for Tags for Hope and really liked the concept. They make hard plastic ID tags for your pets that look like your state's drivers license.  Some proceeds from each tag is donated to no-kill shelters.  How can you NOT love that??

So I had to order them for our boys.
The interface made them super easy to upload your photos and enter your phone number, address, and idenitifying info for your dog. There's even a spot under their photos for extra info so Walter's says "My nickname is Little One" and Marvin's says "My dad calls me Pee Wee".

They arrived while we were away so the boys have been wearing them for almost a month now with no issues.  Previously Walter has chewed other tags but not this one.  They're heavy-duty plastic so I think they'll be really durable.  

I think they're super cute!!

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Bob said...

Love those! Great cause, too!